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Listed below are historical scores for Texas-San Antonio.
This file was last updated on Thursday, April 1, 2021.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
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2020-Texas-San Antonio (CUSA)

9/12@Texas State (2-10)W5148
9/19vs.Stephen F. Austin (non-IA)W2410
9/25vs.*Middle Tennessee State (3-6)W3735
10/3@*Alabama-Birmingham (6-3)L1321
10/10@Brigham Young (11-1)L2027
10/17vs.Army (9-3)L1628
10/24vs.*Louisiana Tech (5-5)W2726
10/31@*Florida Atlantic (5-4)L324
11/14vs.*Texas-El Paso (3-5)W5221
11/21@*Southern Mississippi (3-7)W2320
11/28vs.*North Texas (4-6)W4917
12/26vs.Louisiana (10-1)L2431@ Dallas, TXFirst Responder Bowl



2019-Texas-San Antonio (CUSA)

8/31vs.Incarnate Word (non-IA)W357
9/7@Baylor (11-3)L1463
9/14vs.Army (5-8)L1331
9/21@*North Texas (4-8)L345
10/5@*Texas-El Paso (1-11)W2616
10/12vs.*Alabama-Birmingham (9-5)L1433
10/19vs.*Rice (3-9)W3127
11/2@Texas A&M (8-5)L1445
11/9@*Old Dominion (1-11)W2423
11/16vs.*Southern Mississippi (7-6)L1736
11/23vs.*Florida Atlantic (11-3)L2640
11/30@*Louisiana Tech (10-3)L2741



2018-Texas-San Antonio (CUSA)

9/1@Arizona State (7-6)L749
9/8vs.Baylor (7-6)L2037
9/15@Kansas State (5-7)L1741
9/22vs.Texas State (3-9)W2521
9/29vs.*Texas-El Paso (1-11)W3021
10/6@*Rice (2-11)W203
10/13vs.*Louisiana Tech (8-5)L331
10/20@*Southern Mississippi (6-5)L1727
11/3@*Alabama-Birmingham (11-3)L352
11/10vs.*Florida International (9-4)L745
11/17@*Marshall (9-4)L023
11/24vs.*North Texas (9-4)L2124



2017-Texas-San Antonio (CUSA)

9/9@Baylor (1-11)W1710
9/16vs.Southern (non-IA)W5117
9/23@Texas State (2-10)W4414
10/7vs.*Southern Mississippi (8-5)L2931
10/14@*North Texas (9-5)L2629
10/21vs.*Rice (1-11)W207
10/28@*Texas-El Paso (0-12)W3114
11/4@*Florida International (8-5)L714
11/11vs.*Alabama-Birmingham (8-5)L1924
11/18vs.*Marshall (8-5)W97
11/25@*Louisiana Tech (7-6)L620



2016-Texas-San Antonio (CUSA)

9/3vs.Alabama State (non-IA)W2613
9/10@Colorado State (7-6)L1423
9/16vs.Arizona State (5-7)L2832
9/24@*Old Dominion (10-3)L1933
10/8vs.*Southern Mississippi (7-6)W5532
10/15@*Rice (3-9)W1413
10/22vs.*Texas-El Paso (4-8)L4952
10/29vs.*North Texas (5-8)W3117
11/5@*Middle Tennessee State (8-5)W4525
11/12@*Louisiana Tech (9-5)L3563
11/19@Texas A&M (8-5)L1023
11/26vs.*Charlotte (4-8)W3314
12/17vs.New Mexico (9-4)L2023@ Albuquerque, NMNew Mexico Bowl



2015-Texas-San Antonio (CUSA)

9/3@Arizona (7-6)L3242
9/12vs.Kansas State (6-7)L330
9/19@Oklahoma State (10-3)L1469
9/26vs.Colorado State (7-6)L3133
10/3@*Texas-El Paso (5-7)W256
10/10vs.*Louisiana Tech (9-4)L3134
10/17@*Southern Mississippi (9-5)L1032
10/31@*North Texas (1-11)L2330
11/7vs.*Old Dominion (5-7)L3136
11/14@*Charlotte (2-10)W3027
11/21vs.*Rice (5-7)W3424
11/28vs.*Middle Tennessee State (7-6)L742



2014-Texas-San Antonio (CUSA)

8/29@Houston (8-5)W277
9/4vs.Arizona (10-4)L2326
9/13@Oklahoma State (7-6)L1343
9/27@*Florida Atlantic (3-9)L3741
10/4vs.New Mexico (4-8)L921
10/11vs.*Florida International (4-8)W1613
10/18@*Louisiana Tech (9-5)L2027
10/25vs.*Texas-El Paso (7-6)L034
11/8@*Rice (8-5)L717
11/13vs.*Southern Mississippi (3-9)W1210
11/22@*Western Kentucky (8-5)L745
11/29vs.*North Texas (4-8)W3427



2013-Texas-San Antonio (CUSA)

8/31@New Mexico (3-9)W2113
9/7vs.Oklahoma State (10-3)L3556
9/14@Arizona (8-5)L1338
9/21@*Texas-El Paso (2-10)W3213
9/28vs.Houston (8-5)L2859
10/5@*Marshall (10-4)L1034
10/12vs.*Rice (10-4)L2127
10/26vs.*Alabama-Birmingham (2-10)W5231
11/2@*Tulsa (3-9)W3415
11/9vs.*Tulane (7-6)W107
11/23@*North Texas (9-4)W2113
11/30vs.*Louisiana Tech (4-8)W3010



2012-Texas-San Antonio (WAC)

9/1@South Alabama (2-11)W3331
9/8vs.Texas A&M-Commerce (non-IA)W2716
9/15@Georgia State (non-IA)W3814
9/22vs.Northwestern Oklahoma State (non-IA)W563
9/29@*New Mexico State (1-11)W3514
10/13@Rice (7-6)L1434
10/20vs.*San Jose State (11-2)L2452
10/27vs.*Utah State (11-2)L1748
11/3@*Louisiana Tech (9-3)L2751
11/10vs.McNeese State (non-IA)W3124
11/17@*Idaho (1-11)W3427
11/24vs.*Texas State (4-8)W3831