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Listed below are historical scores for South Florida.
This file was last updated on Saturday, January 17, 2015.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

2014-South Florida (American)

8/30vs.Western Carolina (non-IA)W3631
9/6vs.Maryland (7-6)L1724
9/13vs.North Carolina State (8-5)L1749
9/19vs.*Connecticut (2-10)W1714
9/27@Wisconsin (11-3)L1027
10/11vs.*East Carolina (8-5)L1728
10/18@*Tulsa (2-10)W3830
10/24@*Cincinnati (9-4)L1734
11/1vs.*Houston (8-5)L327
11/15@*Southern Methodist (1-11)W1413
11/22@*Memphis (10-3)L2031
11/28vs.*Central Florida (9-4)L016



2013-South Florida (American)

8/31vs.McNeese State (non-IA)L2153
9/7@Michigan State (13-1)L621
9/14vs.Florida Atlantic (6-6)L1028
9/28vs.Miami (Florida) (9-4)L2149
10/5vs.*Cincinnati (9-4)W2620
10/12@*Connecticut (3-9)W1310
10/26vs.*Louisville (12-1)L334
10/31@*Houston (8-5)L2335
11/16vs.*Memphis (3-9)L1023
11/23vs.*Southern Methodist (5-7)L616
11/29@*Central Florida (12-1)L2023
12/7@*Rutgers (6-7)L631



2012-South Florida (Big East)

9/1vs.Tennessee-Chattanooga (non-IA)W3413
9/8@Nevada (7-6)W3231
9/13vs.*Rutgers (9-4)L1323
9/22@Ball State (9-4)L2731
9/29vs.Florida State (12-2)L1730
10/6@*Temple (4-7)L2837
10/20@*Louisville (11-2)L2527
10/27vs.*Syracuse (8-5)L3637
11/3vs.*Connecticut (5-7)W136
11/17@Miami (Florida) (7-5)L940
11/23@*Cincinnati (10-3)L1027
12/1vs.*Pittsburgh (6-7)L327



2011-South Florida (Big East)

9/3@Notre Dame (8-5)W2320
9/10vs.Ball State (6-6)W377
9/17vs.Florida A&M (non-IA)W7017
9/24vs.Texas-El Paso (5-7)W5224
9/29@*Pittsburgh (6-7)L1744
10/15@*Connecticut (5-7)L1016
10/22vs.*Cincinnati (10-3)L3437
11/5@*Rutgers (9-4)L1720
11/11@*Syracuse (5-7)W3717
11/19vs.Miami (Florida) (6-6)L36
11/25vs.*Louisville (7-6)L2434
12/1vs.*West Virginia (10-3)L2730



2010-South Florida (Big East)

9/4vs.Stony Brook (non-IA)W5914
9/11@Florida (8-5)L1438
9/25vs.Western Kentucky (2-10)W2412
10/2vs.Florida Atlantic (4-8)W313
10/9vs.*Syracuse (8-5)L913
10/14@*West Virginia (9-4)L620
10/22@*Cincinnati (4-8)W3830
11/3vs.*Rutgers (4-8)W2827
11/13@*Louisville (7-6)W2421
11/20vs.*Pittsburgh (8-5)L1017
11/27@Miami (Florida) (7-6)W2320
12/4vs.*Connecticut (8-5)L1619
12/31vs.Clemson (6-7)W3126@ Charlotte, NCMeineke Car Care Bowl



2009-South Florida (Big East)

9/5vs.Wofford (non-IA)W407
9/12@Western Kentucky (0-12)W3513
9/19vs.Charleston Southern (non-IA)W590
9/26@Florida State (7-6)W177
10/3@*Syracuse (4-8)W3420
10/15vs.*Cincinnati (12-1)L1734
10/24@*Pittsburgh (10-3)L1441
10/30vs.*West Virginia (9-4)W3019
11/12@*Rutgers (9-4)L031
11/21vs.*Louisville (4-8)W3422
11/28vs.Miami (Florida) (9-4)L1031
12/5@*Connecticut (8-5)L2729
1/2vs.Northern Illinois (7-6)W273@ Toronto, CanadaInternational Bowl



2008-South Florida (Big East)

8/30vs.Tennessee-Martin (non-IA)W567
9/6@Central Florida (4-8)W3124
9/12vs.Kansas (8-5)W3734
9/20@Florida International (5-7)W179
9/27@North Carolina State (6-7)W4110
10/2vs.*Pittsburgh (9-4)L2126
10/18vs.*Syracuse (3-9)W4513
10/25@*Louisville (5-7)L2024
10/30@*Cincinnati (11-3)L1024
11/15vs.*Rutgers (8-5)L1649
11/23vs.*Connecticut (8-5)W1713
12/6@*West Virginia (9-4)L713
12/20vs.Memphis (6-7)W4114@ St. Petersburg, FLSt. Petersburg Bowl



2007-South Florida (Big East)

9/1vs.Elon (non-IA)W2813
9/8@Auburn (9-4)W2623
9/22vs.North Carolina (4-8)W3710
9/28vs.*West Virginia (11-2)W2113
10/6@Florida Atlantic (8-5)W3523
10/13vs.Central Florida (10-4)W6412
10/18@*Rutgers (8-5)L2730
10/27@*Connecticut (9-4)L1522
11/3vs.*Cincinnati (10-3)L3338
11/10@*Syracuse (2-10)W4110
11/17vs.*Louisville (6-6)W5517
11/24@*Pittsburgh (5-7)W4837
12/31vs.Oregon (9-4)L2156@ El Paso, TXSun Bowl



2006-South Florida (Big East)

9/2vs.McNeese State (non-IA)W4110
9/9vs.Florida International (0-12)W2120
9/16@Central Florida (4-8)W2417
9/23@Kansas (6-6)L713
9/29vs.*Rutgers (11-2)L2022
10/7vs.*Connecticut (4-8)W3816
10/14@North Carolina (3-9)W3720
10/22@*Cincinnati (8-5)L623
11/4vs.*Pittsburgh (6-6)W2212
11/11vs.*Syracuse (4-8)W2710
11/18@*Louisville (12-1)L831
11/25@*West Virginia (11-2)W2419
12/23vs.East Carolina (7-6)W247@ Birmingham, Bowl



2005-South Florida (Big East)

9/3@Penn State (11-1)L1323
9/10vs.Florida A&M (non-IA)W373
9/17vs.Central Florida (8-5)W3114
9/24vs.*Louisville (9-3)W4514
10/1@Miami (Florida) (9-3)L727
10/15@*Pittsburgh (5-6)L1731
11/5@*Rutgers (7-5)W4531
11/12@*Syracuse (1-10)W270
11/19vs.*Cincinnati (4-7)W3116
11/26@*Connecticut (5-6)L1015
12/3vs.*West Virginia (11-1)L1328
12/31vs.North Carolina State (7-5)L014@ Charlotte, NCMeineke Car Care Bowl



2004-South Florida (CUSA)

9/11vs.Tennessee Tech (non-IA)W217
9/18@South Carolina (6-5)L334
9/25@*Texas Christian (5-6)W4544
10/2vs.*Southern Mississippi (7-5)L2027
10/16vs.*Army (2-9)L3542
10/22@*Louisville (11-1)L941
11/3@*Alabama-Birmingham (7-5)W4520
11/13vs.*East Carolina (2-9)W4117
11/20@*Cincinnati (7-5)L2345
11/27vs.*Memphis (8-4)L1531
12/4vs.Pittsburgh (8-4)L1443



2003-South Florida (CUSA)

8/30vs.Alabama (4-9)L1740@ Birmingham, AL
9/6vs.Nicholls State (non-IA)W2717
9/27@*Army (0-13)W280
10/4vs.*Louisville (9-4)W3128
10/10vs.*Texas Christian (11-2)L1013
10/18vs.Charleston Southern (non-IA)W557
10/25@*Southern Mississippi (9-4)L627
10/31vs.*Cincinnati (5-7)W2417
11/8@*East Carolina (1-11)W3837
11/22vs.*Alabama-Birmingham (5-7)L1922
11/29@*Memphis (9-4)W2116



2002-South Florida (Independent)

8/29vs.Florida Atlantic (non-IA)W5110
9/7vs.Northern Illinois (8-4)W376
9/14vs.Arkansas (9-5)L342@ Little Rock, AR
9/28@Oklahoma (12-2)L1431
10/5@North Texas (8-5)W2417
10/12vs.Southern Mississippi (7-6)W1613
10/19@East Carolina (4-8)W4630
11/2vs.Charleston Southern (non-IA)W566
11/9vs.Memphis (3-9)W3128
11/16vs.Bowling Green State (9-3)W297
11/23@Houston (5-7)W3214



2001-South Florida (Independent)

8/30@Northern Illinois (6-5)L1720
9/8@Pittsburgh (7-5)W3526
9/22@Memphis (5-6)L917
9/29vs.North Texas (5-7)W2810
10/6@Utah (8-4)L2152
10/13vs.Connecticut (2-9)W4021
10/20vs.Southern Utah (non-IA)W4212
10/27vs.Liberty (non-IA)W6837
11/3vs.Houston (0-11)W456
11/10vs.Western Illinois (non-IA)W4817
11/24vs.Utah State (4-7)W3413



2000-South Florida (Independent)

9/2vs.Jacksonville State (non-IA)W400
9/9@Kentucky (2-9)L927
9/16vs.James Madison (non-IA)W267
9/23@Baylor (2-9)L1328
9/30vs.Troy (non-IA)W2010
10/7@Southern Mississippi (8-4)L741
10/21vs.Liberty (non-IA)W446
10/28@Connecticut (3-8)W2113
11/4vs.Western Kentucky (non-IA)W3024
11/11@Middle Tennessee State (6-5)L945
11/18vs.Austin Peay (non-IA)W590