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Listed below are historical scores for Coastal Carolina.
This file was last updated on Monday, February 6, 2023.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

2022-Coastal Carolina (Sun Belt)

9/3vs.Army (6-6)W3828
9/10vs.Gardner-Webb (non-IA)W3127
9/17vs.Buffalo (7-6)W3826
9/22@*Georgia State (4-8)W4124
10/1vs.*Georgia Southern (6-7)W3430
10/8@*Louisiana-Monroe (4-8)W2821
10/15vs.*Old Dominion (3-9)L2149
10/29@*Marshall (9-4)W2413
11/3vs.*Appalachian State (6-6)W3528
11/12vs.*Southern Mississippi (7-6)W2623
11/26@*James Madison (8-3)L747
12/3vs.*Troy (12-2)L2645@ Troy, ALSun Belt Championship
12/27vs.East Carolina (8-5)L2953@ Birmingham, ALBirmingham Bowl



2021-Coastal Carolina (Sun Belt)

9/2vs.Citadel (non-IA)W5214
9/10vs.Kansas (2-10)W4922
9/18@Buffalo (4-8)W2825
9/25vs.Massachusetts (1-11)W533
10/2vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (4-8)W596
10/7@*Arkansas State (2-10)W5220
10/20@*Appalachian State (10-4)L2730
10/28vs.*Troy (5-7)W3528
11/6@*Georgia Southern (3-9)W288
11/13vs.*Georgia State (8-5)L4042
11/20vs.*Texas State (4-8)W3521
11/26@*South Alabama (5-7)W2721
12/17vs.Northern Illinois (9-5)W4741@ Orlando, FLCure Bowl



2020-Coastal Carolina (Sun Belt)

9/12@Kansas (0-9)W3823
9/18vs.Campbell (non-IA)W4321
10/3vs.*Arkansas State (4-7)W5223
10/14@*Louisiana (10-1)W3027
10/24vs.*Georgia Southern (8-5)W2814
10/31@*Georgia State (6-4)W510
11/7vs.*South Alabama (4-7)W236
11/21vs.*Appalachian State (9-3)W3423
11/28@*Texas State (2-10)W4914
12/5vs.Brigham Young (11-1)W2217
12/12@*Troy (5-6)W4238
12/26vs.Liberty (10-1)L3437@ Orlando, FLCure Bowl



2019-Coastal Carolina (Sun Belt)

8/31vs.Eastern Michigan (6-7)L2330
9/7@Kansas (3-9)W127
9/14vs.Norfolk State (non-IA)W467
9/21@Massachusetts (1-11)W6228
9/28@*Appalachian State (13-1)L3756
10/12vs.*Georgia State (7-6)L2131
10/19@*Georgia Southern (7-6)L2730
11/2vs.*Troy (5-7)W3635
11/7vs.*Louisiana (11-3)L748
11/16@*Arkansas State (8-5)L2728
11/23@*Louisiana-Monroe (5-7)L4245
11/30vs.*Texas State (3-9)W2421



2018-Coastal Carolina (Sun Belt)

9/1@South Carolina (7-6)L1549
9/8vs.Alabama-Birmingham (11-3)W4724
9/12@Campbell (non-IA)W5821
9/22@*Louisiana (7-7)W3028
9/29@*Troy (10-3)L2145
10/13vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (6-6)L2045
10/20@Massachusetts (4-8)W2413
10/27@*Georgia State (2-10)W3734
11/3vs.*Appalachian State (11-2)L723
11/10vs.*Arkansas State (8-5)L1644
11/17vs.*Georgia Southern (10-3)L1741
11/23@*South Alabama (3-9)L2831



2017-Coastal Carolina (Sun Belt)

9/2vs.Massachusetts (4-8)W3828
9/16@Alabama-Birmingham (8-5)L2330
9/23vs.Western Illinois (non-IA)L1052
9/30@*Louisiana-Monroe (4-8)L4351
10/7vs.*Georgia State (7-5)L2127
10/14@*Arkansas State (7-5)L1751
10/21@*Appalachian State (9-4)L2937
10/28vs.*Texas State (2-10)L727
11/4@Arkansas (4-8)L3839
11/11vs.*Troy (11-2)L1742
11/18@*Idaho (4-8)W137
12/2vs.*Georgia Southern (2-10)W2817