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Listed below are historical scores for Arizona.
This file was last updated on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

2021-Arizona (Pac 12)

9/4vs.Brigham Young (10-3)L1624@ Las Vegas, NV
9/11vs.San Diego State (12-2)L1438
9/18vs.Northern Arizona (non-IA)L1921
9/25@*Oregon (10-4)L1941
10/9vs.*UCLA (8-4)L1634
10/16@*Colorado (4-8)L034
10/22vs.*Washington (4-8)L1621
10/30@*Southern California (4-8)L3441
11/6vs.*California (5-7)W103
11/13vs.*Utah (10-4)L2938
11/19@*Washington State (7-6)L1844
11/27@*Arizona State (8-5)L1538



2020-Arizona (Pac 12)

11/14vs.*Southern California (5-1)L3034
11/21@*Washington (3-1)L2744
11/28@*UCLA (3-4)L1027
12/5vs.*Colorado (4-2)L1324
12/11vs.*Arizona State (2-2)L770



2019-Arizona (Pac 12)

8/24@Hawaii (10-5)L3845
9/7vs.Northern Arizona (non-IA)W6541
9/14vs.Texas Tech (4-8)W2814
9/28vs.*UCLA (4-8)W2017
10/5@*Colorado (5-7)W3530
10/12vs.*Washington (8-5)L2751
10/19@*Southern California (8-5)L1441
10/26@*Stanford (4-8)L3141
11/2vs.*Oregon State (5-7)L3856
11/16@*Oregon (12-2)L634
11/23vs.*Utah (11-3)L735
11/30@*Arizona State (8-5)L1424



2018-Arizona (Pac 12)

9/1vs.Brigham Young (7-6)L2328
9/8@Houston (8-5)L1845
9/15vs.Southern Utah (non-IA)W6231
9/22@*Oregon State (2-10)W3514
9/29vs.*Southern California (5-7)L2024
10/6vs.*California (7-6)W2417
10/12@*Utah (9-5)L1042
10/20@*UCLA (3-9)L3031
10/27vs.*Oregon (9-4)W4415
11/2vs.*Colorado (5-7)W4234
11/17@*Washington State (11-2)L2869
11/24vs.*Arizona State (7-6)L4041



2017-Arizona (Pac 12)

9/2vs.Northern Arizona (non-IA)W6224
9/9vs.Houston (7-5)L1619
9/15@Texas-El Paso (0-12)W6316
9/22vs.*Utah (7-6)L2430
10/7@*Colorado (5-7)W4542
10/14vs.*UCLA (6-7)W4730
10/21@*California (5-7)W4544
10/28vs.*Washington State (9-4)W5837
11/4@*Southern California (11-3)L3549
11/11vs.*Oregon State (1-11)W4928
11/18@*Oregon (7-6)L2848
11/25@*Arizona State (7-6)L3042
12/27vs.Purdue (7-6)L3538@ Santa Clara, CAFoster Farms Bowl



2016-Arizona (Pac 12)

9/3vs.Brigham Young (9-4)L1618@ Glendale, AZ
9/10vs.Grambling State (non-IA)W3121
9/17vs.Hawaii (7-7)W4728
9/24vs.*Washington (12-2)L2835
10/1@*UCLA (4-8)L2445
10/8@*Utah (9-4)L2336
10/15vs.*Southern California (10-3)L1448
10/29vs.*Stanford (10-3)L1034
11/5@*Washington State (8-5)L769
11/12vs.*Colorado (10-4)L2449
11/19@*Oregon State (4-8)L1742
11/25vs.*Arizona State (5-7)W5635



2015-Arizona (Pac 12)

9/3vs.Texas-San Antonio (3-9)W4232
9/12@Nevada (7-6)W4420
9/19vs.Northern Arizona (non-IA)W7713
9/26vs.*UCLA (8-5)L3056
10/3@*Stanford (12-2)L1755
10/10vs.*Oregon State (2-10)W447
10/17@*Colorado (4-9)W3831
10/24vs.*Washington State (9-4)L4245
10/31@*Washington (7-6)L349
11/7@*Southern California (8-6)L3038
11/14vs.*Utah (10-3)W3730
11/21@*Arizona State (6-7)L3752
12/19vs.New Mexico (7-6)W4537@ Albuquerque, NMNew Mexico Bowl



2014-Arizona (Pac 12)

8/29vs.Nevada-Las Vegas (2-11)W5813
9/4@Texas-San Antonio (4-8)W2623
9/13vs.Nevada (7-6)W3528
9/20vs.*California (5-7)W4945
10/2@*Oregon (13-2)W3124
10/11vs.*Southern California (9-4)L2628
10/25@*Washington State (3-9)W5937
11/1@*UCLA (10-3)L717
11/8vs.*Colorado (2-10)W3820
11/15vs.*Washington (8-6)W2726
11/22@*Utah (9-4)W4210
11/28vs.*Arizona State (10-3)W4235
12/5vs.*Oregon (13-2)L1351@ Santa Clara, CAPac 12 Championship
12/31vs.Boise State (12-2)L3038@ Glendale, AZFiesta Bowl



2013-Arizona (Pac 12)

8/30vs.Northern Arizona (non-IA)W350
9/7@Nevada-Las Vegas (7-6)W5813
9/14vs.Texas-San Antonio (7-5)W3813
9/28@*Washington (9-4)L1331
10/10@*Southern California (10-4)L3138
10/19vs.*Utah (5-7)W3524
10/26@*Colorado (4-8)W4420
11/2@*California (1-11)W3328
11/9vs.*UCLA (10-3)L2631
11/16vs.*Washington State (6-7)L1724
11/23vs.*Oregon (11-2)W4216
11/30@*Arizona State (10-4)L2158
12/31vs.Boston College (7-6)W4219@ Shreveport, LAAdvoCare V100 Bowl



2012-Arizona (Pac 12)

9/1vs.Toledo (9-4)W2417
9/8vs.Oklahoma State (8-5)W5938
9/15vs.South Carolina State (non-IA)W560
9/22@*Oregon (12-1)L049
9/29vs.*Oregon State (9-4)L3538
10/6@*Stanford (12-2)L4854
10/20vs.*Washington (7-6)W5217
10/27vs.*Southern California (7-6)W3936
11/3@*UCLA (9-5)L1066
11/10vs.*Colorado (1-11)W5631
11/17@*Utah (5-7)W3424
11/23vs.*Arizona State (8-5)L3441
12/15vs.Nevada (7-6)W4948@ Albuquerque, NMNew Mexico Bowl



2011-Arizona (Pac 12)

9/3vs.Northern Arizona (non-IA)W4110
9/8@Oklahoma State (12-1)L1437
9/17vs.*Stanford (11-2)L1037
9/24vs.*Oregon (12-2)L3156
10/1@*Southern California (10-2)L4148
10/8@*Oregon State (3-9)L2737
10/20vs.*UCLA (6-8)W4812
10/29@*Washington (7-6)L3142
11/5vs.*Utah (8-5)L2134
11/12@*Colorado (3-10)L2948
11/19@*Arizona State (6-7)W3127
11/26vs.Louisiana (9-4)W4537



2010-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/3@Toledo (8-5)W412
9/11vs.Citadel (non-IA)W526
9/18vs.Iowa (8-5)W3427
9/25vs.*California (5-7)W109
10/9vs.*Oregon State (5-7)L2729
10/16@*Washington State (2-10)W247
10/23vs.*Washington (7-6)W4414
10/30@*UCLA (4-8)W2921
11/6@*Stanford (12-1)L1742
11/13vs.*Southern California (8-5)L2124
11/26@*Oregon (12-1)L2948
12/2vs.*Arizona State (6-6)L2930
12/29vs.Oklahoma State (11-2)L1036@ San Antonio, TXAlamo Bowl



2009-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/5vs.Central Michigan (12-2)W196
9/12vs.Northern Arizona (non-IA)W3417
9/19@Iowa (11-2)L1727
9/26@*Oregon State (8-5)W3732
10/10@*Washington (5-7)L3336
10/17vs.*Stanford (8-5)W4338
10/24vs.*UCLA (7-6)W2713
11/7vs.*Washington State (1-11)W487
11/14@*California (8-5)L1624
11/21vs.*Oregon (10-3)L4144
11/28@*Arizona State (4-8)W2017
12/5@*Southern California (9-4)W2117
12/30vs.Nebraska (10-4)L033@ San Diego, CAHoliday Bowl



2008-Arizona (Pac 10)

8/30vs.Idaho (2-10)W700
9/6vs.Toledo (3-9)W4116
9/13@New Mexico (4-8)L2836
9/20@*UCLA (4-8)W3110
10/4vs.*Washington (0-12)W4814
10/11@*Stanford (5-7)L2324
10/18vs.*California (9-4)W4227
10/25vs.*Southern California (12-1)L1017
11/8@*Washington State (2-11)W5928
11/15@*Oregon (10-3)L4555
11/22vs.*Oregon State (9-4)L1719
12/6vs.*Arizona State (5-7)W3110
12/20vs.Brigham Young (10-3)W3121@ Las Vegas, NVLas Vegas Bowl



2007-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/1@Brigham Young (11-2)L720
9/8vs.Northern Arizona (non-IA)W4524
9/15vs.New Mexico (9-4)L2729
9/22@*California (7-6)L2745
9/29vs.*Washington State (5-7)W4820
10/6@*Oregon State (9-4)L1631
10/13@*Southern California (11-2)L1320
10/20vs.*Stanford (4-8)L2021
10/27@*Washington (4-9)W4841
11/3vs.*UCLA (6-7)W3427
11/15vs.*Oregon (9-4)W3424
12/1@*Arizona State (10-3)L1720



2006-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/2vs.Brigham Young (11-2)W1613
9/9@Louisiana State (11-2)L345
9/16vs.Stephen F. Austin (non-IA)W2810
9/23vs.*Southern California (11-2)L320
9/30vs.*Washington (5-7)L1021
10/7@*UCLA (7-6)L727
10/14@*Stanford (1-11)W207
10/21vs.*Oregon State (10-4)L1017
11/4@*Washington State (6-6)W2717
11/11vs.*California (10-3)W2420
11/18@*Oregon (7-6)W3710
11/25vs.*Arizona State (7-6)L1428



2005-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/2@Utah (7-5)L2427
9/10vs.Northern Arizona (non-IA)W3112
9/17vs.Purdue (5-6)L2431
10/1@*California (8-4)L028
10/8@*Southern California (12-1)L2142
10/15vs.*Stanford (5-6)L1620
10/22vs.*Oregon (10-2)L2128
10/29@*Oregon State (5-6)W2927
11/5vs.*UCLA (10-2)W5214
11/12vs.*Washington (2-9)L1438
11/25@*Arizona State (7-5)L2023



2004-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/4vs.Northern Arizona (non-IA)W213
9/11vs.Utah (12-0)L623
9/18vs.Wisconsin (9-3)L79
9/25vs.*Washington State (5-6)L1920
10/9@*UCLA (6-6)L1737
10/16@*Oregon (5-6)L1428
10/23vs.*California (10-2)L038
10/30vs.*Oregon State (7-5)L1428
11/6@*Washington (1-10)W2313
11/13@*Southern California (13-0)L949
11/26vs.*Arizona State (9-3)W3427



2003-Arizona (Pac 10)

8/30vs.Texas-El Paso (2-11)W427
9/6vs.Louisiana State (13-1)L1359
9/13vs.*Oregon (8-5)L1048
9/20@Purdue (9-4)L759
9/27vs.Texas Christian (11-2)L1013
10/4@*Washington State (10-3)L730
10/11vs.*UCLA (6-7)L2124
10/25@*California (8-6)L1442
11/1@*Oregon State (8-5)L2352
11/8vs.*Washington (6-6)W2722
11/15vs.*Southern California (12-1)L045
11/28@*Arizona State (5-7)L728



2002-Arizona (Pac 10)

8/31vs.Northern Arizona (non-IA)W373
9/14vs.Utah (5-6)W2317
9/21@Wisconsin (8-6)L1031
9/28vs.North Texas (8-5)W149
10/5vs.*Oregon (7-6)L1431
10/12@*Washington (7-6)L2832
10/19@*Stanford (2-9)L616
10/26vs.*Washington State (10-3)L1321
11/2@*Oregon State (8-5)L338
11/9vs.*UCLA (8-5)L737
11/16@*California (7-5)W5241
11/29vs.*Arizona State (8-6)L2034



2001-Arizona (Pac 10)

8/30@San Diego State (3-8)W2310
9/8vs.Idaho (1-10)W3629
9/22vs.Nevada-Las Vegas (4-7)W3821
9/29vs.*Washington State (10-2)L2148
10/6vs.*Oregon (11-1)L2863
10/13@*Oregon State (5-6)L338
10/20@*Washington (8-4)L2831
10/27vs.*Southern California (6-6)L3441
11/3@*California (1-10)W3824
11/10vs.*Stanford (9-3)L3751
11/23@*Arizona State (4-7)W3421



2000-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/2@Utah (4-7)W173
9/9vs.Ohio State (8-4)L1727
9/16vs.San Diego State (3-8)W173
9/30@*Stanford (5-6)W273
10/7@*Southern California (5-7)W3115
10/14vs.*Washington State (4-7)W5347
10/21@*Oregon (10-2)L1014
10/28vs.*UCLA (6-6)L2427
11/4@*Washington (11-1)L3235
11/11vs.*Oregon State (11-1)L933
11/24vs.*Arizona State (6-6)L1730



1999-Arizona (Pac 10)

8/28vs.Penn State (10-3)L741@ State College, PAPigskin Classic
9/5@Texas Christian (8-4)W3531
9/11vs.Middle Tennessee State (3-8)W3419
9/18vs.*Stanford (8-4)L2250
9/25@*Washington State (3-9)W3024
10/9vs.*Southern California (6-6)W3124
10/16vs.Texas-El Paso (5-7)W3421
10/23vs.*Oregon (9-3)L4144
10/30@*UCLA (4-7)W337
11/6vs.*Washington (7-5)L2533
11/13@*Oregon State (7-5)L2028
11/27@*Arizona State (6-6)L2742



1998-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/3@Hawaii (0-12)W276
9/12@*Stanford (3-8)W3114
9/19vs.Iowa (3-8)W3511
9/24@San Diego State (7-5)W3516
10/3@*Washington (6-6)W3128
10/10vs.*UCLA (10-2)L2852
10/17@*Oregon State (5-6)W287
10/24vs.Louisiana-Monroe (5-6)W457
10/31vs.*Oregon (8-4)W383
11/7vs.*Washington State (3-8)W417
11/14@*California (5-6)W2723
11/27vs.*Arizona State (5-6)W5042
12/30vs.Nebraska (9-4)W2320@ San Diego, CAHoliday Bowl



1997-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/4@*Oregon (7-5)L916
9/13vs.Alabama-Birmingham (5-6)W2410
9/20@Ohio State (10-3)L2028
9/27@*UCLA (10-2)L2740
10/4vs.San Diego State (5-7)W3128
10/11vs.*Stanford (5-6)W2822
10/18vs.*Washington (8-4)L2858
10/25@*Washington State (10-2)L3435
11/8vs.*Oregon State (3-8)W277
11/15vs.*California (3-8)W4138
11/28@*Arizona State (9-3)W2816
12/27vs.New Mexico (9-4)W2014@ Tucson, AZInsight Bowl



1996-Arizona (Pac 10)

8/31vs.Texas-El Paso (2-9)W233
9/7@Iowa (9-3)L2021
9/14vs.Illinois (2-9)W410
9/21@*Washington (9-3)L1731
10/5vs.*Washington State (5-6)W3426
10/12@*Southern California (6-6)L714
10/26vs.*Oregon State (2-9)W337
11/2@*California (6-6)L5556
11/9@*Oregon (6-5)L3149
11/16vs.*UCLA (5-6)W3517
11/23vs.*Arizona State (11-1)L1456



1995-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/2vs.Pacific (3-8)W419
9/7vs.Georgia Tech (6-5)W2019
9/16@Illinois (5-5-1)L79
9/23vs.*Southern California (9-2-1)L1031
9/30vs.*California (3-8)W2015
10/14@*UCLA (7-5)L1017
10/21vs.*Washington (7-4-1)L1731
10/28@*Washington State (3-8)W2414
11/4@*Oregon State (1-10)W149
11/11vs.*Oregon (9-3)L1317
11/24@*Arizona State (6-5)W3128



1994-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/1@Georgia Tech (1-10)W1914
9/10vs.New Mexico State (3-8)W440
9/24@*Stanford (3-7-1)W3410
10/1vs.*Oregon State (4-7)W3010
10/8vs.Colorado State (10-2)L1621
10/15@*Washington State (8-4)W107
10/22vs.*UCLA (5-6)W3424
10/29@*Oregon (9-4)L910
11/5vs.*California (4-7)W136
11/12@*Southern California (8-3-1)L2845
11/25vs.*Arizona State (3-8)W2827
12/27vs.Utah (10-2)L1316@ Anaheim, CAFreedom Bowl



1993-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/4vs.Texas-El Paso (1-11)W246
9/11vs.Pacific (3-8)W1613
9/18@Illinois (5-6)W1614
9/25@*Oregon State (4-7)W330
10/2vs.*Southern California (8-5)W387
10/16vs.*Stanford (4-7)W2724
10/23vs.*Washington State (5-6)W96
10/30@*UCLA (8-4)L1737
11/6vs.*Oregon (5-6)W3110
11/13@*California (9-4)L2024
11/26@*Arizona State (6-5)W3420
1/1vs.Miami (Florida) (9-3)W290@ Tempe, AZFiesta Bowl



1992-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/5vs.Utah State (5-6)W493
9/12vs.*Washington State (9-3)L2023
9/19@*Oregon State (1-9-1)T1414
9/26@Miami (Florida) (11-1)L78
10/3vs.*UCLA (6-5)W233
10/17@*Stanford (10-3)W216
10/24@*California (4-7)W2417
10/31vs.New Mexico State (6-5)W300
11/7vs.*Washington (9-3)W163
11/14@*Southern California (6-5-1)L714
11/21vs.*Arizona State (6-5)L67
12/31vs.Baylor (7-5)L1520@ El Paso, TXSun Bowl



1991-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/7@Ohio State (8-4)L1438
9/14vs.*Stanford (8-4)W2823
9/21vs.*California (10-2)L2123
9/28vs.Long Beach State (2-9)W4521
10/5@*Washington (12-0)L054
10/12@*UCLA (9-3)L1454
10/26vs.Miami (Florida) (12-0)L936
11/2vs.*Oregon State (1-10)W4521
11/9@*Washington State (4-7)L2740
11/16vs.*Southern California (3-8)W3114
11/23@*Arizona State (6-5)L1437



1990-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/8vs.Illinois (8-4)W2816
9/15@New Mexico (2-10)W2510
9/22vs.*Oregon (8-4)W2217
9/29vs.*California (7-4-1)L2530
10/6@*UCLA (5-6)W2821
10/13@*Oregon State (1-10)L2135
10/20@*Southern California (8-4-1)W3526
10/27vs.*Washington State (3-8)W4234
11/3@*Washington (10-2)L1054
11/10vs.*Stanford (5-6)L1023
11/24vs.*Arizona State (4-7)W2117
12/25vs.Syracuse (7-4-2)L028@ Honolulu, HIAloha Bowl



1989-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/2vs.*Stanford (3-8)W193
9/9@Texas Tech (9-3)L1424
9/16vs.Oklahoma (7-4)W63
9/23vs.*Washington (8-4)W2017
9/30@*Oregon (8-4)L1016
10/14vs.*UCLA (3-7-1)W427
10/21@*Washington State (6-5)W2321
10/28vs.Pacific (2-10)W3814
11/4@*California (4-7)L2829
11/11vs.*Southern California (9-2-1)L324
11/25@*Arizona State (6-4-1)W2810
12/31vs.North Carolina State (7-5)W1710@ Tucson, AZCopper Bowl



1988-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/3@*Oregon State (4-6-1)W2413
9/10vs.Texas Tech (5-6)W3519
9/17@Oklahoma (9-3)L1028
9/24vs.Eastern Michigan (6-3-1)W550
10/1vs.*Southern California (10-2)L1538
10/15vs.*Washington State (9-3)W4528
10/22vs.*UCLA (10-2)L324
10/29vs.*California (5-5-1)L710
11/5@*Washington (6-5)W1613
11/12vs.*Oregon (6-6)W4127
11/26vs.*Arizona State (6-5)W2818



1987-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/12vs.Iowa (10-3)L1415
9/19vs.New Mexico (0-11)W209
9/26@*UCLA (10-2)L2434
10/3vs.Bowling Green (5-6)W457
10/10@*California (3-6-2)T2323
10/17vs.*Oregon State (2-9)W3117
10/24@*Washington State (3-7-1)L2845
10/31@*Stanford (5-6)W2313
11/7vs.*Washington (7-4-1)T2121
11/14@*Southern California (8-4)L1012
11/28@*Arizona State (7-4-1)T2424



1986-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/6vs.Houston (1-10)W373
9/13vs.Colorado State (6-5)W3710
9/20@*Oregon (5-6)W4117
9/27@Colorado (6-6)W2421
10/11@*UCLA (8-3-1)L2532
10/18vs.*Oregon State (3-8)W2312
10/25vs.*California (2-9)W3316
11/1vs.*Southern California (7-5)L1320
11/8@*Washington State (3-7-1)W316
11/22vs.*Arizona State (10-1-1)W3417
11/30vs.*Stanford (8-4)L2429@ Tokyo, JapanCoca-Cola Classic
12/27vs.North Carolina (7-4-1)W3021@ Honolulu, HIAloha Bowl



1985-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/7vs.Toledo (4-7)W2310
9/14vs.*Washington State (4-7)W127
9/21@*California (4-7)W2317
9/28vs.Colorado (7-5)L1314
10/5vs.Southern Methodist (6-5)W286
10/19vs.San Jose State (2-8-1)W410
10/26@*Stanford (4-7)L1728
11/2@*Oregon State (3-8)W276
11/9vs.*UCLA (9-2-1)L1924
11/16vs.*Oregon (5-6)W208
11/23@*Arizona State (8-4)W1613
12/28vs.Georgia (7-3-2)T1313@ El Paso, TXSun Bowl



1984-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/1vs.Fresno State (6-6)L2227
9/8vs.*California (2-9)W2313
9/15vs.*Oregon State (2-9)W278@ Portland, OR
9/22@Louisiana State (8-3-1)L2627
9/29vs.Long Beach State (4-7)W3124
10/6vs.*Oregon (6-5)W2814
10/20@*Southern California (9-3)L1417
10/27@*Washington (11-1)L1228
11/3vs.Utah State (1-10)W4510
11/10vs.*Stanford (5-6)W2814
11/24vs.*Arizona State (5-6)W1610



1983-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/3vs.*Oregon State (2-8-1)W506
9/10vs.Utah (5-6)W380
9/17@*Washington State (7-4)W456
9/24vs.Fullerton State (7-5)W2710
10/1@*California (5-5-1)T3333
10/8vs.Colorado State (5-7)W5221
10/15vs.*Oregon (4-6-1)L1019
10/22@*Stanford (1-10)L2231
11/5vs.*Washington (8-4)L2223
11/12vs.*UCLA (7-4-1)W2724
11/26@*Arizona State (6-4-1)W1715



1982-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/11vs.*Oregon State (1-9-1)W3812
9/18vs.*Washington (10-2)L1323
9/25vs.Iowa (8-4)L1417
10/9@*UCLA (10-1-1)T2424
10/16@Notre Dame (6-4-1)W1613
10/23vs.Pacific (2-9)W557
10/30@*Washington State (3-7-1)W3417
11/6@*Stanford (5-6)W4127
11/13vs.*Southern California (8-3)L4148
11/20@*Oregon (2-8-1)L713
11/27vs.*Arizona State (10-2)W2818



1981-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/12vs.*UCLA (7-4-1)L1835
9/19vs.*California (2-9)L1314
9/26vs.Fullerton State (3-8)W3716
10/3vs.*Stanford (4-7)W1713
10/10@*Southern California (9-3)W1310
10/17@*Oregon (2-9)W1814
10/24vs.*Washington State (8-3-1)L1934
10/31vs.Texas-El Paso (1-10)W4815
11/14@*Oregon State (1-10)W407
11/21vs.Fresno State (5-6)L1723
11/28@*Arizona State (9-2)L1324



1980-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/20vs.Colorado State (6-4-1)L1315
9/27@*California (3-8)W3124
10/4@Iowa (4-7)W53
10/11vs.*Southern California (8-2-1)L1027
10/18vs.*Washington State (4-7)L1438
10/25vs.Notre Dame (9-2-1)L320
11/1vs.*UCLA (9-2)W2317
11/8@*Washington (9-3)L2245
11/15vs.Pacific (4-8)W6335
11/22@*Oregon State (0-11)W247
11/29vs.*Arizona State (7-4)L744



1979-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/1vs.Colorado State (4-7-1)W3317
9/8vs.*Washington State (3-8)W227@ Spokane, WA
9/15vs.*California (6-6)L710
9/22vs.Texas Tech (3-6-2)T1414
9/29vs.San Jose State (6-4-1)W3818
10/13vs.*Oregon (6-5)W2413
10/20vs.*Stanford (5-5-1)L1030
11/3@*Southern California (11-0-1)L734
11/10@San Diego State (8-3)L1042
11/17vs.*Oregon State (1-10)W4218
11/24@*Arizona State (6-6)W2724
12/25vs.Pittsburgh (11-1)L1016@ Tempe, AZFiesta Bowl



1978-Arizona (Pac 10)

9/9vs.Kansas State (4-7)W310
9/16vs.*Oregon State (3-7-1)W217
9/23@Texas Tech (7-4)L2641
9/30vs.Iowa (2-9)W233
10/7@Michigan (10-2)L1721
10/14vs.*California (6-5)L2033
10/27@*UCLA (8-3-1)L1424
11/4@*Washington (7-4)L2131
11/11@*Oregon (2-9)W243
11/18vs.*Washington State (3-7-1)W3124
11/25vs.*Arizona State (9-3)L1718



1977-Arizona (WAC)

9/10@Auburn (5-6)L1021
9/17vs.San Diego State (10-1)L1421
9/24@Iowa (4-7)W417
10/1@*Wyoming (4-6-1)L1213
10/8vs.Texas Tech (7-5)L2632
10/22vs.*Utah (3-8)W4517
10/29@*Brigham Young (9-2)L1434
11/5vs.*Colorado State (9-2-1)L1435
11/12vs.*New Mexico (5-7)W1513
11/19@*Texas-El Paso (1-10)W4124
11/26@*Arizona State (9-3)L723
12/3@Hawaii (5-6)W1710



1976-Arizona (WAC)

9/11vs.Auburn (3-8)W3119
9/18@UCLA (9-2-1)L937
9/25vs.*Brigham Young (9-3)L1623
10/2@Northwestern (1-10)W2715
10/9vs.*Texas-El Paso (1-11)W6312
10/23@Texas Tech (10-2)L2752
10/30@*Utah (3-8)W3835
11/6vs.*Wyoming (8-4)L2426
11/13vs.*Colorado State (6-5)W236
11/20@*New Mexico (4-7)L1521
11/27vs.*Arizona State (4-7)L1027



1975-Arizona (WAC)

9/20vs.Pacific (5-6-1)W160
9/27@*Wyoming (2-9)W140
10/4vs.Northwestern (3-8)W416
10/11@*Texas-El Paso (1-10)W360
10/18vs.Texas Tech (6-5)W3228
10/25vs.*New Mexico (6-5)L3444
11/1@*Brigham Young (6-5)W3620
11/8@San Diego State (8-3)W3124
11/15@*Colorado State (6-5)W319
11/22vs.*Utah (1-10)W3814
11/29@*Arizona State (12-0)L2124



1974-Arizona (WAC)

9/14vs.San Diego State (8-2-1)W1710
9/21@Indiana (1-10)W3520
9/28@*New Mexico (4-6-1)W1510
10/5vs.*Texas-El Paso (4-7)W4213
10/12@*Utah (1-10)W418
10/19@Texas Tech (6-4-2)L817
10/26vs.*Brigham Young (7-4-1)L1337
11/9vs.*Colorado State (4-6-1)W3421
11/16@Air Force (2-9)W2724
11/23vs.*Wyoming (2-9)W2114
11/30vs.*Arizona State (7-5)W100



1973-Arizona (WAC)

9/8@*Colorado State (5-6)W310
9/15@*Wyoming (4-7)W217
9/22vs.Indiana (2-9)W2610
10/6@Iowa (0-11)W2320
10/13vs.*New Mexico (4-7)W2214
10/20vs.Texas Tech (11-1)L1731
10/27vs.*Utah (7-5)W4221
11/3@*Texas-El Paso (0-11)W3518
11/10@*Brigham Young (5-6)W2410
11/17vs.Air Force (6-4)L2627
11/25@*Arizona State (11-1)L1955



1972-Arizona (WAC)

9/9vs.*Colorado State (1-10)W170
9/16@Oregon (4-7)L734
9/23vs.Washington State (7-4)L628
10/7@UCLA (8-3)L3142
10/14@*New Mexico (3-8)W2715
10/21@Texas Tech (8-4)L1035
10/28vs.*Texas-El Paso (2-8)W4522
11/4@*Utah (6-5)L2728
11/11vs.*Brigham Young (7-4)W217
11/18vs.*Wyoming (4-7)L1422
11/25vs.*Arizona State (10-2)L2138



1971-Arizona (WAC)

9/18vs.Washington State (4-7)W3928@ Spokane, WA
9/25@*Texas-El Paso (5-6)W146
10/2vs.Texas Tech (4-7)L1013
10/9@*Wyoming (5-6)L314
10/16vs.UCLA (2-7-1)L1228
10/23vs.*Utah (3-8)W143
10/30vs.*New Mexico (6-3-2)L2834
11/6vs.Oregon State (5-6)W3422
11/13@*Brigham Young (5-6)W2714
11/20@San Diego State (6-5)L1039
11/27@*Arizona State (11-1)L031



1970-Arizona (WAC)

9/19@Michigan (9-1)L920
9/26vs.San Jose State (2-9)W3029
10/3vs.Iowa (3-6-1)W1710
10/10vs.*Brigham Young (3-8)W2417
10/24@*Utah (6-4)L024
10/31vs.Air Force (9-3)L2023
11/7@*New Mexico (7-3)L735
11/14@*Texas-El Paso (6-4)L1733
11/21vs.*Wyoming (1-9)W3812
12/5vs.*Arizona State (11-0)L610



1969-Arizona (WAC)

9/20@*Wyoming (6-4)L723
9/27vs.Kansas State (5-5)L2742
10/4@Iowa (5-5)L1931
10/11vs.Houston (9-2)L1734
10/18vs.*Texas-El Paso (4-6)W2610
10/25vs.*New Mexico (4-6)W5228
11/1@*Brigham Young (6-4)L2131
11/8@Syracuse (5-5)L023
11/15vs.*Utah (8-2)W1716
11/29@*Arizona State (8-2)L2438



1968-Arizona (WAC)

9/21@Iowa State (3-7)W2112
9/28@*New Mexico (0-10)W198
10/5vs.*Texas-El Paso (4-5-1)W250
10/19vs.*Brigham Young (2-8)W193
10/26@Indiana (6-4)L1316
11/2vs.Washington State (3-6-1)W2814
11/9@Air Force (7-3)W1410
11/16@*Utah (3-7)W1615
11/23vs.*Wyoming (7-3)W147
11/30vs.*Arizona State (8-2)L730
12/28vs.Auburn (7-4)L1034@ El Paso, TXSun Bowl



1967-Arizona (WAC)

9/16vs.*Wyoming (10-1)L1736
9/30@Ohio State (6-3)W147
10/7@Missouri (7-3)L317
10/14vs.Texas-El Paso (7-2-1)T99
10/21vs.*Utah (4-7)L2933
10/28vs.Indiana (9-2)L742
11/4vs.*New Mexico (1-9)W4813
11/11@*Brigham Young (6-4)L1417
11/18vs.Air Force (2-6-2)W1410
11/25@*Arizona State (8-2)L747



1966-Arizona (WAC)

9/17@Iowa (2-8)L2031
9/24vs.Kansas (2-7-1)L1335
10/1@*Wyoming (10-1)L636
10/8@*New Mexico (2-8)W3615
10/22vs.*Utah (5-5)L1924
10/29vs.*Brigham Young (8-2)L1416
11/5vs.Oregon State (7-3)L1231@ Portland, OR
11/12vs.Washington State (3-7)W2818
11/19vs.Iowa State (2-6-2)W2724
11/26vs.*Arizona State (5-5)L1720



1965-Arizona (WAC)

9/18@*Utah (3-7)W169
9/25@Kansas (2-8)W2315
10/2@*Wyoming (6-4)L019
10/9vs.*New Mexico (3-7)L224
10/16vs.Washington State (7-3)L321@ Spokane, WA
10/23vs.San Jose State (5-5)L713
11/6vs.Texas-El Paso (8-3)W103
11/13vs.Air Force (3-6-1)L734
11/20vs.*Brigham Young (6-4)L320
11/27@*Arizona State (6-4)L614



1964-Arizona (WAC)

9/26vs.*Brigham Young (3-6-1)W396
10/3vs.Washington State (3-6-1)W2812
10/10@*New Mexico (9-2)L710
10/17@Oregon (7-2-1)L021
10/24vs.*Wyoming (6-2-2)W157
10/31@Air Force (4-5-1)L07
11/7vs.Idaho (4-6)W147
11/14@Texas-El Paso (0-8-2)W140
11/21vs.Iowa State (1-8-1)T00
11/28vs.*Arizona State (8-2)W306



1963-Arizona (WAC)

9/21vs.Utah State (8-2)L043
9/28vs.*Brigham Young (2-8)W337
10/5vs.Washington State (3-6-1)L27@ Spokane, WA
10/12vs.Texas-El Paso (3-7)W137
10/19vs.Oregon (8-3)L1228
10/26@West Texas A&M (4-4-1)W63
11/2vs.*Wyoming (6-4)W157
11/9vs.Idaho (5-4)W347
11/30@*Arizona State (8-1)L635
12/7vs.*New Mexico (6-4)L1522



1962-Arizona (WAC)

9/22vs.*Brigham Young (4-6)W2721
9/29@*New Mexico (7-2-1)L2535
10/6@Missouri (8-1-2)L717
10/13vs.Air Force (5-5)L620
10/20@*Wyoming (5-5)L831
10/27vs.West Texas A&M (9-2)W83
11/3vs.Idaho (2-6-1)L1214
11/10vs.Kansas State (0-10)W1413
11/17@Texas-El Paso (4-5)W70
11/24vs.*Arizona State (7-2-1)W2017



1961-Arizona (Independent)

9/23vs.Colorado State (0-10)W286
9/30@Nebraska (3-6-1)T1414
10/7vs.Hardin-Simmons (0-10)W537
10/14vs.Oregon (4-6)W156@ Portland, OR
10/21vs.New Mexico (7-4)W2221
10/28@West Texas A&M (6-4)L2327
11/4vs.Wyoming (6-1-2)W2015
11/11vs.Idaho (2-7)W437@ Boise, ID
11/18vs.Texas-El Paso (3-7)W4815
11/25@Arizona State (7-3)W2213



1960-Arizona (Border)

9/24vs.Utah (7-3)L313
10/1vs.Wyoming (8-2)W2119
10/8@Colorado (6-4)L1635
10/15vs.Tulsa (5-5)L1617
10/22@New Mexico (5-5)W2614
10/29vs.*West Texas A&M (3-7)W2114
11/5vs.Idaho (1-9)W323
11/12@*Texas-El Paso (4-5-1)W2814
11/19vs.Kansas State (1-9)W3516
11/26vs.*Arizona State (7-3)W357



1959-Arizona (Border)

9/19vs.Brigham Young (3-7)L1418
9/26@*West Texas A&M (1-9)W76
10/3vs.Idaho (1-9)W1614
10/17vs.New Mexico (7-3)L728
10/24vs.Colorado (5-5)L018
10/31@Utah (5-5)L654
11/7vs.Texas Tech (4-6)W3026
11/14vs.Air Force (5-4-1)L1522@ Boulder, CO
11/21vs.*Texas-El Paso (3-7)W1410
11/28@*Arizona State (10-1)L915



1958-Arizona (Border)

9/20vs.Utah State (3-7)W76
9/27vs.Iowa State (4-6)L014
10/4@Tulsa (7-3)L034
10/11vs.Colorado (6-4)L1265
10/18@New Mexico (7-3)L1333
10/25vs.Idaho (4-5)L1624
11/1vs.*West Texas A&M (1-9)W158
11/8@Texas Tech (3-7)L633
11/15@*Texas-El Paso (2-7)W1412
11/22vs.*Arizona State (7-3)L047



1957-Arizona (Border)

9/21vs.Brigham Young (5-3-2)T1414
9/28@Missouri (5-4-1)L1335
10/12@Colorado (6-3-1)L1434
10/19vs.New Mexico (4-6)L027
10/26vs.Texas Tech (2-8)L628
11/2vs.*West Texas A&M (7-3)L2021
11/9vs.*Hardin-Simmons (5-5)L2028
11/16vs.*Texas-El Paso (6-3)L1451
11/23vs.Marquette (0-10)W1714
11/30@*Arizona State (10-0)L747



1956-Arizona (Border)

9/15vs.Montana (1-9)W2712@ Phoenix, AZ
9/22vs.Wyoming (10-0)L2026
9/29vs.South Dakota State (non-IA)W600
10/6vs.Utah State (6-4)L712
10/13@*Texas-El Paso (9-2)L628
10/20@New Mexico (4-6)W2612
10/27vs.Texas Tech (2-7-1)L721
11/3vs.*West Texas A&M (8-2)W2013
11/17vs.*Arizona State (9-1)L020
11/24vs.Colorado (8-2-1)L738



1955-Arizona (Border)

9/17vs.Colorado State (8-2)W207
9/24@Colorado (6-4)L014
10/1vs.Idaho (2-7)W4714
10/8vs.*West Texas A&M (4-4-1)T2020
10/15vs.*Texas-El Paso (6-2-2)L029
10/22vs.Oregon (6-4)L2746
11/5@*Texas Tech (7-3-1)L727
11/12vs.Montana (3-7)W290
11/19vs.New Mexico (2-8)W276
11/26@*Arizona State (8-2-1)W76



1954-Arizona (Border)

9/18vs.*New Mexico State (0-9)W580
9/25@Utah (4-7)W5420
10/9vs.Colorado (7-2-1)L1840
10/16vs.Idaho (4-5)W3513
10/23@New Mexico (5-5)W417
10/30vs.*West Texas A&M (1-8)W4812
11/6vs.*Texas Tech (7-2-1)L1428
11/13@*Texas-El Paso (8-3)L2141
11/20vs.*Arizona State (5-5)W5414
11/27vs.Wyoming (6-4)W4240



1953-Arizona (Border)

9/19vs.Utah (8-2)L728
9/26@Colorado (6-4)L1420
10/3vs.*New Mexico State (2-7)W467
10/10vs.New Mexico (5-3-1)W200
10/17vs.Marquette (6-3-1)L014
10/31vs.*West Texas A&M (1-8-1)W396
11/7@*Texas Tech (11-1)L2752
11/14vs.*Texas-El Paso (8-2)L2028
11/21vs.Kansas State (6-3-1)T2626
11/28@*Arizona State (4-5-1)W350



1952-Arizona (Border)

9/20vs.Hawaii (non-IA)W577
9/27vs.*New Mexico State (2-6-1)W6212
10/4@Utah (6-3-1)W270
10/11vs.Colorado (6-2-2)L1934
10/18@Marquette (3-5-1)L737
10/25vs.*Hardin-Simmons (5-3-2)W1312
11/1@New Mexico (7-2)W137
11/8vs.*Arizona State (6-3)L1820
11/15@*Texas-El Paso (5-5-1)W557
11/22vs.*Texas Tech (3-7-1)L1419



1951-Arizona (Border)

9/15vs.*New Mexico State (1-9)W6713
9/22vs.Utah (7-4)L727
9/29@Oregon (2-8)L2139
10/6vs.*West Texas A&M (2-7)W2813
10/13vs.*Texas-El Paso (3-7)W1915
10/27@*Texas Tech (7-4)L041
11/3vs.*New Mexico (4-7)W3220
11/10@*Arizona State (6-3-1)L1461
11/17vs.Idaho (2-7)W136
11/24@*Hardin-Simmons (6-6)L1314
12/21@Hawaii (non-IA)W3221



1950-Arizona (Border)

9/23vs.*West Texas A&M (10-1)L2634
9/30@Utah (3-4-3)L1427
10/7vs.*Hardin-Simmons (5-5)W3228
10/14@*Texas-El Paso (7-3)L1314
10/21@Colorado (5-4-1)L2528
10/28vs.Denver (3-8-1)W1914
11/4@*New Mexico (2-8)W380
11/11vs.*Arizona State (9-2)L1347
11/18vs.*Texas Tech (3-8)L739
11/25vs.Iowa State (3-6-1)W2726



1949-Arizona (Border)

9/24vs.*New Mexico State (4-6)W407
10/1vs.Utah (2-7-1)T1212
10/8@*Hardin-Simmons (6-4-1)L035
10/15vs.*Texas-El Paso (8-2-1)L028
10/22@*Texas Tech (7-5)L727
10/29@Denver (4-6)L620
11/5vs.*New Mexico (2-8)W4614
11/12@*Arizona State (7-3)L734
11/19vs.Michigan State (6-3)L075
11/26vs.Kansas (5-5)L046



1948-Arizona (Border)

9/25vs.San Diego State (non-IA)W146
10/2@Utah (8-1-1)L1447
10/9vs.*Hardin-Simmons (6-2-3)W2014
10/16@Michigan State (6-2-2)L761
10/23vs.*Texas Tech (7-3)L031
10/30vs.*Arizona State (5-5)W3321
11/6@*New Mexico (2-9)W146
11/13vs.*Texas-El Paso (8-2-1)L1425
11/20vs.Iowa State (4-6)W147
11/27vs.Marquette (2-8)W2414@ Phoenix, AZ
1/1vs.Drake (7-3)L1314@ Phoenix, AZSalad Bowl



1947-Arizona (Border)

9/27vs.Wyoming (4-5)W277
10/4vs.Montana (7-4)W407
10/11@*Hardin-Simmons (8-3)L735
10/18@*Texas-El Paso (5-3-1)W1413
10/25vs.*New Mexico (4-5-1)W2212
11/8@*Texas Tech (6-5)L2841
11/15@*Arizona State (4-7)W2613
11/22vs.Marquette (4-5)L2139
11/29vs.Kansas (8-1-2)L2854
12/6vs.Utah (8-1-1)T2020



1946-Arizona (Border)

9/28vs.*Arizona State (2-7-2)W670
10/5@Utah (8-3)L714
10/12vs.*Texas-El Paso (3-6)W2713
10/19vs.Pacific (non-IA)W4713
10/26@Marquette (4-5)L020
11/2vs.*Hardin-Simmons (11-0)L819
11/9vs.Santa Clara (2-5-1)T2121
11/16@*New Mexico (5-5-2)T1313
11/23vs.*Texas Tech (8-3)L016
11/30vs.Kansas State (0-9)W287



1943-1945 - not rated

1942-Arizona (Border)

9/26vs.*New Mexico State (1-8)W530
10/3vs.Utah (6-3)W140
10/10@*Arizona State (2-8)W230
10/17vs.Oklahoma State (6-3-1)W206
10/24@Marquette (7-2)L039
11/7vs.*New Mexico (4-5-2)W1413
11/14vs.*Hardin-Simmons (9-1-1)L2634
11/21@*Texas-El Paso (5-4)W197
11/26vs.*Texas Tech (4-5-1)L713
12/5vs.Second Air Force (Washington) (non-IA)L1327



1941-Arizona (Border)

9/27@Notre Dame (8-0-1)L738
10/4vs.*New Mexico State (2-7)W470
10/11vs.Nevada (non-IA)W267
10/18@*New Mexico (5-4-1)W316
10/25@*Arizona State (5-5-1)W207
11/1vs.*Texas-El Paso (4-5-1)W3314
11/8vs.*Northern Arizona (3-5)W410
11/15@Oklahoma State (5-4)L1441
11/29vs.Kansas State (2-5-2)W2821
12/6vs.Utah (6-0-2)L612



1940-Arizona (Border)

9/28vs.*Northern Arizona (2-6)W410
10/5vs.*New Mexico State (3-6)W410
10/12@Utah (7-2)L024
10/19vs.Centenary (3-7)W296
10/26vs.Oklahoma State (6-3-1)W240
11/2@*Texas-El Paso (4-4-1)W2013
11/9@Loyola Marymount (3-7)W2013
11/23vs.*New Mexico (5-4)L1213
11/30vs.Marquette (2-6-1)W1714



1939-Arizona (Border)

9/23vs.Pomona-Pitzer (non-IA)W210
9/30@Minnesota (3-4-1)L062
10/14vs.*New Mexico State (3-6)W203
10/21vs.Loyola Marymount (2-6-1)W257@ Phoenix, AZ
10/28@Marquette (4-4)L613
11/4vs.Centenary (2-9-1)W70
11/11@*Texas-El Paso (5-4)L614
11/18vs.Pacific (non-IA)W127
11/25@*New Mexico (8-2)L67
11/30vs.Montana (3-6)W60



1938-Arizona (Border)

10/1@Southern Methodist (6-4)L729
10/8vs.*New Mexico State (7-2)L67
10/15vs.Santa Clara (6-2)L027@ Phoenix, AZ
10/22@Loyola Marymount (4-5)W1412
10/29vs.*New Mexico (8-3)L720
11/5@Centenary (7-4)W76
11/12vs.*Texas-El Paso (6-3)L1426
11/19vs.Marquette (1-7)W2012
11/26vs.Montana (5-3-1)L07



1937-Arizona (Border)

10/2vs.*Arizona State (0-8-1)W206
10/9vs.Oklahoma State (4-6)W2213
10/16@*Texas Tech (8-4)L020
10/23vs.Centenary (6-3-3)L1318
10/30vs.*New Mexico State (7-2)W2712
11/6@Loyola Marymount (4-7)W136
11/13@*New Mexico (4-4-1)W230
11/20vs.Kansas (3-4-2)W97
11/27vs.Colorado State (1-7)W470
12/4vs.Oregon (4-6)W206



1936-Arizona (Border)

9/25vs.Brigham Young (4-5)W326
10/3@Utah (6-3)L614
10/10@*Arizona State (4-5)W180
10/17vs.Centenary (6-4-2)T1313
10/24vs.*New Mexico State (6-4-1)W287
10/31@Kansas (1-6-1)T00
11/7vs.*New Mexico (2-7)W280
11/21@Michigan State (6-1-2)L07
11/28vs.Wyoming (2-5-1)W580@ Phoenix, AZ
12/5vs.*Texas Tech (5-4-1)T77



1935-Arizona (Border)

9/28vs.*Arizona State (2-5-1)W260
10/5@Centenary (6-5)L714
10/12vs.Whittier (non-IA)W450
10/19@Loyola Marymount (6-5)L613
10/26vs.*New Mexico State (7-1-2)W96
11/2vs.Oklahoma City (non-IA)W270
11/11@*Texas Tech (5-3-2)W76
11/23@*New Mexico (6-4)W386
11/30vs.Drake (4-4-2)W530



1934-Arizona (Border)

9/29vs.San Diego State (non-IA)W70
10/6@Colorado State (6-2-1)W73
10/12@Whittier (non-IA)W147
10/20vs.Loyola Marymount (7-2-1)L06
10/26vs.*New Mexico State (4-1-3)T00
11/3vs.*New Mexico (8-1)W146
11/10@Oklahoma City (non-IA)W266
11/17vs.*Arizona State (4-3-1)W326
11/29vs.*Texas Tech (7-2-1)L713
12/7vs.Pacific (non-IA)W317@ Phoenix, AZ



1933-Arizona (Border)

9/30vs.Occidental (non-IA)W180
10/7@Loyola Marymount (7-2-1)L1314
10/14vs.*Texas Tech (8-1)L07
10/27@*New Mexico State (2-6)W60
11/4vs.*Northern Arizona (5-1)W240
11/11@*New Mexico (3-4-1)L07
11/18@*Arizona State (3-5)W267
11/25vs.Whittier (non-IA)W260



1932-Arizona (Border)

9/24vs.Occidental (non-IA)W190@ Pasadena, CA
10/1vs.Loyola Marymount (non-IA)L633
10/8vs.*New Mexico State (4-5-1)W127
10/14@*Texas Tech (10-2)L021
10/22vs.*Arizona State (4-3-1)W206
10/29vs.*Northern Arizona (3-2-2)L67@ Phoenix, AZ
11/11vs.*New Mexico (1-6-1)W136
11/19@San Diego State (non-IA)L013
11/26vs.Oklahoma State (9-1-2)L613



1931-Arizona (Border)

9/26vs.San Diego State (non-IA)L08
10/3vs.Pomona-Pitzer (non-IA)W190
10/10@Oklahoma State (8-2-1)L031
10/23vs.Rice (6-4)L032
10/31@*Arizona State (6-2)L619
11/7vs.*Northern Arizona (3-5)W1912
11/14@*New Mexico (3-3-1)T77
11/21vs.DePaul (non-IA)W1413
11/26vs.Colorado (5-3)L727