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Listed below are historical scores for Georgia State.
This file was last updated on Thursday, May 11, 2017.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

2016-Georgia State (Sun Belt)

9/2vs.Ball State (4-8)L2131
9/10@Air Force (10-3)L1448
9/17@Wisconsin (11-3)L1723
10/1@*Appalachian State (10-3)L317
10/8vs.*Texas State (2-10)W4121
10/15@*Troy (10-3)L2131
10/22vs.Tennessee-Martin (non-IA)W316
10/29@*South Alabama (6-7)L1013
11/3vs.*Arkansas State (8-5)L1631
11/12vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (4-8)L2337
11/19vs.*Georgia Southern (5-7)W3024
12/3@*Idaho (9-4)L1237



2015-Georgia State (Sun Belt)

9/4vs.Charlotte (2-10)L2023
9/12@*New Mexico State (3-9)W3432
9/19@Oregon (9-4)L2861
10/3vs.Liberty (non-IA)L3341
10/10vs.*Appalachian State (11-2)L337
10/17@Ball State (3-9)W3119
10/31@*Arkansas State (9-4)L3448
11/7vs.*Louisiana-Lafayette (4-8)L2123
11/14@*Texas State (3-9)W4119
11/21vs.*South Alabama (5-7)W2410
11/27vs.*Troy (4-8)W3121
12/5@*Georgia Southern (9-4)W347
12/19vs.San Jose State (6-7)L1627@ Orlando, FLCure Bowl



2014-Georgia State (Sun Belt)

8/27vs.Abilene Christian (non-IA)W3837
9/6vs.*New Mexico State (2-10)L3134
9/13vs.Air Force (10-3)L3848
9/20@Washington (8-6)L1445
10/4@*Louisiana-Lafayette (9-4)L3134
10/11vs.*Arkansas State (7-6)L1052
10/18@*South Alabama (6-7)L2730
10/25vs.*Georgia Southern (9-3)L3169
11/1@*Appalachian State (7-5)L044
11/8@*Troy (3-9)L2145
11/22@Clemson (10-3)L028
11/29vs.*Texas State (7-5)L3154



2013-Georgia State (Sun Belt)

8/30vs.Samford (non-IA)L2131
9/7vs.Tennessee-Chattanooga (non-IA)L1442
9/14@West Virginia (4-8)L741
9/21vs.Jacksonville State (non-IA)L2632
10/5@Alabama (11-2)L345
10/12vs.*Troy (6-6)L2835
10/19@*Texas State (6-6)L1724
10/26@*Louisiana-Monroe (6-6)L1038
11/2vs.*Western Kentucky (8-4)L2844
11/16vs.*Louisiana-Lafayette (9-4)L2135
11/23@*Arkansas State (8-5)L3335
11/30vs.*South Alabama (6-6)L1738