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Listed below are historical scores for Connecticut.
This file was last updated on Saturday, January 16, 2016.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

2015-Connecticut (American)

9/3vs.Villanova (non-IA)W2015
9/12vs.Army (2-10)W2217
9/19@Missouri (5-7)L69
9/26vs.*Navy (11-2)L1828
10/2@Brigham Young (9-4)L1330
10/10@*Central Florida (0-12)W4013
10/17vs.*South Florida (8-5)L2028
10/24@*Cincinnati (7-6)L1337
10/30vs.*East Carolina (5-7)W3113
11/7@*Tulane (3-9)W73
11/21vs.*Houston (13-1)W2017
11/28@*Temple (10-4)L327
12/26vs.Marshall (10-3)L1016@ St. Petersburg, FLSt. Petersburg Bowl



2014-Connecticut (American)

8/29vs.Brigham Young (8-5)L1035
9/6vs.Stony Brook (non-IA)W1916
9/13vs.Boise State (12-2)L2138
9/19@*South Florida (4-8)L1417
9/27vs.*Temple (6-6)L1036
10/11@*Tulane (3-9)L312
10/23@*East Carolina (8-5)L2131
11/1vs.*Central Florida (9-4)W3729
11/8vs.Army (4-8)L2135@ Bronx, NY
11/22vs.*Cincinnati (9-4)L041
11/29@*Memphis (10-3)L1041
12/6vs.*Southern Methodist (1-11)L2027



2013-Connecticut (American)

8/29vs.Towson (non-IA)L1833
9/14vs.Maryland (7-6)L2132
9/21vs.Michigan (7-6)L2124
9/28@Buffalo (8-5)L1241
10/12vs.*South Florida (2-10)L1013
10/19@*Cincinnati (9-4)L1641
10/26@*Central Florida (12-1)L1762
11/8vs.*Louisville (12-1)L1031
11/16@*Southern Methodist (5-7)L2138
11/23@*Temple (2-10)W2821
11/30vs.*Rutgers (6-7)W2817
12/7vs.*Memphis (3-9)W4510



2012-Connecticut (Big East)

8/30vs.Massachusetts (1-11)W370
9/8vs.North Carolina State (7-6)L710
9/15@Maryland (4-8)W2421
9/22@Western Michigan (4-8)L2430
9/29vs.Buffalo (4-8)W2417
10/6@*Rutgers (9-4)L319
10/13vs.*Temple (4-7)L1417
10/19@*Syracuse (8-5)L1040
11/3@*South Florida (3-9)L613
11/9vs.*Pittsburgh (6-7)W2417
11/24@*Louisville (11-2)W2320
12/1vs.*Cincinnati (10-3)L1734



2011-Connecticut (Big East)

9/3vs.Fordham (non-IA)W353
9/10@Vanderbilt (6-7)L2124
9/16vs.Iowa State (6-7)L2024
9/24@Buffalo (3-9)W173
10/1vs.Western Michigan (7-6)L3138
10/8@*West Virginia (10-3)L1643
10/15vs.*South Florida (5-7)W1610
10/26@*Pittsburgh (6-7)L2035
11/5vs.*Syracuse (5-7)W2821
11/19vs.*Louisville (7-6)L2034
11/26vs.*Rutgers (9-4)W4022
12/3@*Cincinnati (10-3)L2735



2010-Connecticut (Big East)

9/4@Michigan (7-6)L1030
9/11vs.Texas Southern (non-IA)W623
9/18@Temple (8-4)L1630
9/25vs.Buffalo (2-10)W4521
10/2vs.Vanderbilt (2-10)W4021
10/8@*Rutgers (4-8)L2427
10/23@*Louisville (7-6)L026
10/29vs.*West Virginia (9-4)W1613
11/11vs.*Pittsburgh (8-5)W3028
11/20@*Syracuse (8-5)W236
11/27vs.*Cincinnati (4-8)W3817
12/4@*South Florida (8-5)W1916
1/1vs.Oklahoma (12-2)L2048@ Glendale, AZFiesta Bowl



2009-Connecticut (Big East)

9/5@Ohio (9-5)W2316
9/12vs.North Carolina (8-5)L1012
9/19@Baylor (4-8)W3022
9/26vs.Rhode Island (non-IA)W5210
10/10@*Pittsburgh (10-3)L2124
10/17vs.*Louisville (4-8)W3825
10/24@*West Virginia (9-4)L2428
10/31vs.*Rutgers (9-4)L2428
11/7@*Cincinnati (12-1)L4547
11/21@Notre Dame (6-6)W3330
11/28vs.*Syracuse (4-8)W5631
12/5vs.*South Florida (8-5)W2927
1/2vs.South Carolina (7-6)W207@ Birmingham, Bowl



2008-Connecticut (Big East)

8/28vs.Hofstra (non-IA)W353
9/6@Temple (5-7)W129
9/13vs.Virginia (5-7)W4510
9/19vs.Baylor (4-8)W3128
9/26@*Louisville (5-7)W2621
10/4@North Carolina (8-5)L1238
10/18@*Rutgers (8-5)L1012
10/25vs.*Cincinnati (11-3)W4016
11/1vs.*West Virginia (9-4)L1335
11/15@*Syracuse (3-9)W3914
11/23@*South Florida (8-5)L1317
12/6vs.*Pittsburgh (9-4)L1034
1/3vs.Buffalo (8-6)W3820@ Toronto, CanadaInternational Bowl



2007-Connecticut (Big East)

9/1@Duke (1-11)W4514
9/8vs.Maine (non-IA)W380
9/15vs.Temple (4-8)W2217
9/22@*Pittsburgh (5-7)W3414
9/29vs.Akron (4-8)W4410
10/13@Virginia (9-4)L1617
10/19vs.*Louisville (6-6)W2117
10/27vs.*South Florida (9-4)W2215
11/3vs.*Rutgers (8-5)W3819
11/10@*Cincinnati (10-3)L327
11/17vs.*Syracuse (2-10)W307
11/24@*West Virginia (11-2)L2166
12/29vs.Wake Forest (9-4)L1024@ Charlotte, NCMeineke Car Care Bowl



2006-Connecticut (Big East)

8/31vs.Rhode Island (non-IA)W527
9/16vs.Wake Forest (11-3)L1324
9/23@Indiana (5-7)W147
9/30vs.Navy (9-4)L1741
10/7@*South Florida (9-4)L1638
10/14vs.Army (3-9)W217
10/20vs.*West Virginia (11-2)L1137
10/29@*Rutgers (11-2)L1324
11/11vs.*Pittsburgh (6-6)W4645
11/18@*Syracuse (4-8)L1420
11/25vs.*Cincinnati (8-5)L2326
12/2@*Louisville (12-1)L1748



2005-Connecticut (Big East)

9/1vs.Buffalo (1-10)W380
9/10vs.Liberty (non-IA)W590
9/17@Georgia Tech (7-5)L1328
10/1@Army (4-7)W4713
10/7vs.*Syracuse (1-10)W267
10/15@*Cincinnati (4-7)L1728
10/22vs.*Rutgers (7-5)L2426
11/2@*West Virginia (11-1)L1345
11/12@*Pittsburgh (5-6)L024
11/26vs.*South Florida (6-6)W1510
12/3vs.*Louisville (9-3)L2030



2004-Connecticut (Big East)

9/4vs.Murray State (non-IA)W5214
9/11vs.Duke (2-9)W2220
9/17@*Boston College (9-3)L727
9/25vs.Army (2-9)W403
9/30vs.*Pittsburgh (8-4)W2917
10/13vs.*West Virginia (8-4)L1931
10/23vs.*Temple (2-9)W4531
10/30@*Syracuse (6-6)L3042
11/13@Georgia Tech (7-5)L1030
11/20vs.Buffalo (2-9)W290
11/25@*Rutgers (4-7)W4135
12/27vs.Toledo (9-4)W3910@ Detroit, MIMotor City Bowl



2003-Connecticut (Independent)

8/30vs.Indiana (2-10)W3410
9/6@Army (0-13)W4821
9/13vs.Boston College (8-5)L1424
9/20@Buffalo (1-11)W387
9/27@Virginia Tech (8-5)L1347
10/4vs.Lehigh (non-IA)W3517
10/11@North Carolina State (8-5)L2431
10/18@Kent (5-7)W3431
10/25vs.Akron (7-5)W3837
11/1vs.Western Michigan (5-7)W4127
11/8vs.Rutgers (5-7)W3831
11/15@Wake Forest (5-7)W5117



2002-Connecticut (Independent)

8/31@Boston College (9-4)L1624
9/7vs.Georgia Tech (7-6)L1431
9/14@Buffalo (1-11)W243
9/21vs.Ohio (4-8)W3719
9/28vs.Ball State (6-6)L2124
10/5@Miami (Florida) (12-1)L1448
10/19vs.Temple (4-8)L2438
10/26@Vanderbilt (2-10)L2428
11/2vs.Florida Atlantic (non-IA)W6114
11/9vs.Kent (3-9)W6321
11/16@Navy (2-10)W380
11/23@Iowa State (7-7)W3720



2001-Connecticut (Independent)

9/1@Virginia Tech (8-4)L1052
9/8vs.Eastern Washington (non-IA)L1735
9/22vs.Buffalo (3-8)L2037
9/29@Rutgers (2-9)W2019
10/6vs.Eastern Michigan (2-9)W190
10/13@South Florida (8-3)L2140
10/27vs.Ball State (5-6)L510
11/3@Cincinnati (7-5)L2845
11/10vs.Utah State (4-7)L3138
11/17@Middle Tennessee State (8-3)L1438
11/24@Temple (4-7)L756



2000-Connecticut (Independent)

9/2@Eastern Michigan (3-8)L2532
9/9vs.Colgate (non-IA)W377
9/16@Buffalo (2-9)W2421
9/23vs.Northeastern (non-IA)L2735
9/30@Louisville (9-3)L2241
10/7@Boston College (7-5)L355
10/21@Akron (6-5)W3835
10/28vs.South Florida (7-4)L1321
11/4vs.Middle Tennessee State (6-5)L1066
11/11vs.Rhode Island (non-IA)L2126
11/18@Ball State (5-6)L029



1980-1999 - not rated

1979-Connecticut (Independent)

9/15@Army (2-8-1)L1026
9/22@Navy (7-4)L1021
9/29@Yale (8-1)L1724
10/6vs.New Hampshire (non-IA)T33
10/13vs.Rutgers (8-3)L1426
10/20@Maine (non-IA)W197
10/27vs.Massachusetts (non-IA)W240
11/3@Virginia Military Institute (6-4-1)T1313
11/10@Boston University (non-IA)L1216
11/17@Rhode Island (non-IA)W109
11/27vs.Holy Cross (5-6)L1228