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Listed below are historical scores for Appalachian State.
This file was last updated on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
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2021-Appalachian State (Sun Belt)

9/2vs.East Carolina (7-5)W3319@ Charlotte, NC
9/11@Miami (Florida) (7-5)L2325
9/18vs.Elon (non-IA)W4410
9/23vs.Marshall (7-6)W3130
10/2@*Georgia State (8-5)W4516
10/12@*Louisiana (13-1)L1341
10/20vs.*Coastal Carolina (11-2)W3027
10/30vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (4-8)W5928
11/6@*Arkansas State (2-10)W4814
11/13vs.*South Alabama (5-7)W317
11/20@*Troy (5-7)W457
11/27vs.*Georgia Southern (3-9)W273
12/4vs.*Louisiana (13-1)L1624@ Lafayette, LASun Belt Championship
12/18vs.Western Kentucky (9-5)L3859@ Boca Raton, FLBoca Raton Bowl



2020-Appalachian State (Sun Belt)

9/12vs.Charlotte (2-4)W3520
9/19@Marshall (7-3)L717
9/26vs.Campbell (non-IA)W5221
10/22vs.*Arkansas State (4-7)W4517
10/31@*Louisiana-Monroe (0-10)W3113
11/7@*Texas State (2-10)W3817
11/14vs.*Georgia State (6-4)W1713
11/21@*Coastal Carolina (11-1)L2334
11/28vs.*Troy (5-6)W4710
12/4vs.*Louisiana (10-1)L2124
12/12@*Georgia Southern (8-5)W3426
12/21vs.North Texas (4-6)W5628@ Myrtle Beach, SCMyrtle Beach Bowl



2019-Appalachian State (Sun Belt)

8/31vs.East Tennessee State (non-IA)W427
9/7vs.Charlotte (7-6)W5641
9/21@North Carolina (7-6)W3431
9/28vs.*Coastal Carolina (5-7)W5637
10/9@*Louisiana (11-3)W177
10/19vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (5-7)W527
10/26@*South Alabama (2-10)W303
10/31vs.*Georgia Southern (7-6)L2124
11/9@South Carolina (4-8)W2015
11/16@*Georgia State (7-6)W5627
11/23vs.*Texas State (3-9)W3513
11/29@*Troy (5-7)W4813
12/7vs.*Louisiana (11-3)W4538@ Boone, NCSun Belt Championship
12/21vs.Alabama-Birmingham (9-5)W3117@ New Orleans, LANew Orleans Bowl



2018-Appalachian State (Sun Belt)

9/1@Penn State (9-4)L3845
9/8@Charlotte (5-7)W459
9/22vs.Gardner-Webb (non-IA)W727
9/29vs.*South Alabama (3-9)W527
10/9@*Arkansas State (8-5)W359
10/20vs.*Louisiana (7-7)W2717
10/25@*Georgia Southern (10-3)L1434
11/3@*Coastal Carolina (5-7)W237
11/10@*Texas State (3-9)W387
11/17vs.*Georgia State (2-10)W4517
11/24vs.*Troy (10-3)W2110
12/1vs.*Louisiana (7-7)W3019@ Boone, NCSun Belt Championship
12/15vs.Middle Tennessee State (8-6)W4513@ New Orleans, LANew Orleans Bowl



2017-Appalachian State (Sun Belt)

9/2@Georgia (13-2)L1031
9/9vs.Savannah State (non-IA)W547
9/16@*Texas State (2-10)W2013
9/23vs.Wake Forest (8-5)L1920
10/7vs.*New Mexico State (7-6)W4531
10/14@*Idaho (4-8)W2320
10/21vs.*Coastal Carolina (3-9)W3729
10/28@Massachusetts (4-8)L2730
11/4@*Louisiana-Monroe (4-8)L4552
11/9vs.*Georgia Southern (2-10)W276
11/25@*Georgia State (7-5)W3110
12/2vs.*Louisiana (5-7)W6314
12/23vs.Toledo (11-3)W340@ Mobile, ALDollar General Bowl



2016-Appalachian State (Sun Belt)

9/1@Tennessee (9-4)L1320
9/10vs.Old Dominion (10-3)W317
9/17vs.Miami (Florida) (9-4)L1045
9/24@Akron (5-7)W4538
10/1vs.*Georgia State (3-9)W173
10/12@*Louisiana (6-7)W240
10/22vs.*Idaho (9-4)W3719
10/27@*Georgia Southern (5-7)W3410
11/5vs.*Texas State (2-10)W3510
11/12@*Troy (10-3)L2428
11/19vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (4-8)W4217
11/26@*New Mexico State (3-9)W377
12/17vs.Toledo (9-4)W3128@ Montgomery, ALCamellia Bowl



2015-Appalachian State (Sun Belt)

9/5vs.Howard (non-IA)W490
9/12@Clemson (14-1)L1041
9/26@Old Dominion (5-7)W490
10/3vs.Wyoming (2-10)W3113
10/10@*Georgia State (6-7)W373
10/17@*Louisiana-Monroe (2-11)W5914
10/22vs.*Georgia Southern (9-4)W3113
10/31vs.*Troy (4-8)W4441
11/5vs.*Arkansas State (9-4)L2740
11/14@*Idaho (4-8)W4720
11/28vs.*Louisiana (4-8)W287
12/5@*South Alabama (5-7)W3427
12/19vs.Ohio (8-5)W3129@ Montgomery, ALCamellia Bowl



2014-Appalachian State (Sun Belt)

8/30@Michigan (5-7)L1452
9/6vs.Campbell (non-IA)W660
9/20@Southern Mississippi (3-9)L2021
9/25@*Georgia Southern (9-3)L1434
10/4vs.*South Alabama (6-7)L2147
10/11vs.Liberty (non-IA)L4855
10/18@*Troy (3-9)W5314
11/1vs.*Georgia State (1-11)W440
11/8vs.*Louisiana-Monroe (4-8)W3129
11/15@*Arkansas State (7-6)W3732
11/22@*Louisiana (9-4)W3516
11/29vs.*Idaho (1-10)W4528



1982-2013 - not rated

1981-Appalachian State (Southern)

9/5vs.Lenoir-Rhyne (non-IA)W489
9/12vs.James Madison (non-IA)W450
9/19vs.*Tennessee-Chattanooga (7-3-1)W3114
9/26@*Citadel (7-3-1)L2034
10/3@Wake Forest (4-7)L1415
10/10@*Furman (8-3)L1822
10/17vs.*Virginia Military Institute (6-3-1)T1414
10/24@Virginia Tech (7-4)L1234
11/7vs.*Marshall (2-9)L1017
11/14@*East Tennessee State (6-5)L1421
11/21@*Western Carolina (4-7)L1021



1980-Appalachian State (Southern)

9/6@James Madison (non-IA)W346
9/13vs.*Citadel (7-4)W1714
9/20@*Tennessee-Chattanooga (8-3)L714
9/27vs.*East Tennessee State (2-9)W4215
10/4@*Marshall (2-8-1)W236
10/11@North Carolina State (6-5)L1417
10/18@Lenoir-Rhyne (non-IA)W5725
10/25vs.*Furman (9-1-1)L2021
11/1vs.*Western Carolina (3-7-1)W2724
11/8@*Virginia Military Institute (3-7-1)T1616
11/22@Wake Forest (5-6)L1628



1979-Appalachian State (Southern)

9/8@Wake Forest (8-4)L2330
9/15@Virginia Tech (5-6)L3241
9/22@*Western Carolina (6-5)W3527
9/29@*Citadel (6-5)L2324
10/6vs.*Tennessee-Chattanooga (9-2)L2124
10/13vs.*Virginia Military Institute (6-4-1)L2227
10/20@*Furman (5-6)L1731
10/27@*East Tennessee State (7-4)W2410
11/3@East Carolina (7-3-1)L2138
11/10vs.William & Mary (4-7)L09
11/17vs.*Marshall (1-10)W457



1978-Appalachian State (Southern)

9/9vs.Wofford (non-IA)W3514
9/16@*Marshall (1-10)W287
9/23vs.Richmond (3-8)W2419
9/30vs.*Furman (8-3)L3452
10/7@*Tennessee-Chattanooga (7-3-1)L1472
10/14@Lenoir-Rhyne (non-IA)W4928
10/21vs.*Citadel (5-6)W4214
10/28vs.East Tennessee State (non-IA)L3435
11/4vs.East Carolina (9-3)L833
11/11@*Virginia Military Institute (3-8)W3110
11/18vs.*Western Carolina (6-5)W3913



1977-Appalachian State (Southern)

9/3@South Carolina (5-7)L1732
9/17vs.*Tennessee-Chattanooga (9-1-1)L714
9/21@Richmond (3-8)L1321
10/1vs.*Marshall (2-9)W2820
10/8@East Tennessee State (non-IA)L2038
10/15vs.Lenoir-Rhyne (non-IA)W3521
10/22@*Furman (4-5-2)L2028
10/29vs.Ball State (9-2)L738
11/5vs.East Carolina (8-3)L1445
11/12@*Citadel (5-6)L2028
11/19@*Western Carolina (6-4-1)L1444



1976-Appalachian State (Southern)

9/4@South Carolina (6-5)L1021
9/11vs.East Tennessee State (non-IA)W443
9/18@*Virginia Military Institute (5-5)W3112
9/25vs.Wofford (non-IA)W420
10/2vs.Western Carolina (non-IA)W2417
10/9vs.*Furman (6-4-1)T1414
10/16@Lenoir-Rhyne (non-IA)W457
10/23@Ball State (8-3)L720
10/30vs.*Citadel (6-5)W3113
11/6@*William & Mary (7-4)L2223
11/20@*East Carolina (9-2)L735



1975-Appalachian State (Southern)

9/13vs.*East Carolina (8-3)W4125
9/20@Wake Forest (3-8)W1917
9/27@*Furman (5-5-1)L2330
10/4vs.Tennessee Tech (non-IA)W1710
10/11@East Tennessee State (non-IA)W4421
10/18vs.Lenoir-Rhyne (non-IA)W5228
10/25vs.*Richmond (5-6)L1724
11/1@*Citadel (6-5)W2217
11/8@South Carolina (7-5)W3934
11/15@Western Carolina (non-IA)L1120
11/22vs.Davidson (non-IA)W527



1974-Appalachian State (Southern)

9/7@East Tennessee State (non-IA)W167
9/14vs.Middle Tennessee State (non-IA)W187
9/21@Davidson (non-IA)W300
9/28vs.Western Carolina (non-IA)L1721
10/5@Tennessee Tech (non-IA)L1424
10/12vs.Lenoir-Rhyne (non-IA)L1031
10/19@*East Carolina (7-4)W2321
10/26@*Citadel (4-7)L1728
11/2vs.*Furman (5-6)W273
11/9@South Carolina (4-7)L1821
11/16@*Richmond (5-5)W1413



1973-Appalachian State (Southern)

9/8vs.Western Kentucky (non-IA)L742
9/15@*Furman (7-4)L017
9/22@Western Carolina (non-IA)L1423
9/29vs.*Davidson (2-8)W248
10/6@Lenoir-Rhyne (non-IA)T1414
10/13vs.East Tennessee State (non-IA)L1119
10/20vs.Wofford (non-IA)W2821
10/27vs.*Citadel (3-8)W316
11/3vs.North Alabama (non-IA)L721
11/10@South Carolina (7-4)L1435
11/17vs.*East Carolina (9-2)L1449



1972-Appalachian State (Southern)

9/9@Western Kentucky (non-IA)W76
9/16vs.*Citadel (5-6)L2128
9/23@*East Carolina (9-2)L735
9/30vs.*Furman (2-9)L1720
10/7vs.*Davidson (3-7-1)T1010@ Charlotte, NC
10/14@South Carolina (4-7)L741
10/21vs.Lenoir-Rhyne (non-IA)W4213
10/28@East Tennessee State (non-IA)W3534
11/4@North Alabama (non-IA)W173
11/11vs.Eastern Kentucky (non-IA)W557
11/18vs.Western Carolina (non-IA)L2135