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Listed below are historical scores for Tampa.
This file was last updated on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

1974-Tampa (Independent)

9/7@Tennessee-Chattanooga (4-7)W280
9/14vs.Toledo (6-5)W4713
9/21@San Diego State (8-2-1)L2528
9/28vs.Miami (Florida) (6-5)L2628
10/5@Akron (non-IA)W167
10/12vs.Villanova (3-8)W478
10/19@Louisiana (2-9)W1413
10/26vs.Tulsa (8-3)L2131
11/9vs.West Texas A&M (6-5)L624
11/16vs.Florida A&M (non-IA)W3510
11/23vs.Southern Mississippi (6-5)L1011



1973-Tampa (Independent)

9/15vs.Toledo (3-8)W3525
9/22vs.Xavier (5-5-1)W347
9/29vs.Kansas State (5-6)L017
10/6vs.Akron (non-IA)W217
10/13vs.Villanova (3-8)W1710
10/20@Southern Illinois (3-7-1)W2523
10/27vs.Northern Michigan (non-IA)W200
11/10@West Texas A&M (2-9)W286
11/17vs.Tennessee-Chattanooga (4-7)L2425
11/24@Vanderbilt (5-6)L1618
12/1vs.Rutgers (6-5)W346



1972-Tampa (Independent)

9/9vs.Toledo (6-5)W210
9/16@Northern Michigan (non-IA)W3421
9/22vs.Eastern Michigan (non-IA)W420
9/30@Kansas State (3-8)L731
10/7vs.Louisville (9-1)L1417
10/14vs.Southern Illinois (1-8-1)W440
10/21vs.Drake (7-5)W247
11/4@Florida A&M (non-IA)W269
11/11vs.Miami (Florida) (5-6)W70
11/18vs.Bowling Green (6-3-1)W2922
11/25vs.Vanderbilt (3-8)W307
12/29vs.Kent State (6-5-1)W2118@ Orlando, FLTangerine Bowl



1971-Tampa (Independent)

9/11@Louisiana Tech (non-IA)L2028
9/25@Tennessee-Chattanooga (2-9)W3114
10/2@Youngstown State (non-IA)W490
10/9vs.Dayton (5-6)W4714
10/16@Drake (7-4)W362
10/23vs.Villanova (6-4-1)L324
10/30@Louisville (6-3-1)L1021
11/6vs.Mississippi (10-2)L2728
11/13vs.East Carolina (4-6)W437
11/20@Vanderbilt (4-6-1)L710
11/27vs.Florida A&M (non-IA)W5614



1969-1970 - not rated

1968-Tampa (Independent)

9/21@Santa Barbara (non-IA)W187
9/28@Akron (non-IA)W249
10/5@Tulane (2-8)W1714
10/12@Cincinnati (5-4-1)L2831
10/19@Eastern Michigan (non-IA)W210
10/26vs.Mississippi State (0-8-2)W2417
11/2vs.Northern Michigan (non-IA)W2219
11/9vs.East Carolina (4-6)W2821
11/16vs.Southern Illinois (non-IA)L2023
11/23vs.Southern Mississippi (4-6)L721



1967-Tampa (Independent)

9/16vs.Virginia Tech (7-3)L313
9/23@Akron (non-IA)L06
10/7@Southern Mississippi (6-3)L048
10/14@Tulsa (7-3)L077
10/21vs.Furman (5-5)W3913
11/4vs.Tennessee (9-2)L038
11/11vs.Tennessee-Chattanooga (non-IA)W2016
11/18vs.South Dakota State (non-IA)L714
11/24vs.Indiana State (non-IA)L79



1966-Tampa (Independent)

9/17@Tulsa (6-4)L1157
9/24vs.Bowling Green (6-3)W2013
10/1@Akron (non-IA)W2012
10/8@North Texas (8-2)L641
10/15vs.Furman (2-7-1)W412
10/29@Houston (8-2)L948
11/5@Louisiana-Monroe (non-IA)L017
11/12vs.Buffalo (5-5)W278
11/19@Eastern Kentucky (non-IA)L614