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Listed below are historical scores for McNeese State.
This file was last updated on Thursday, April 1, 2021.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

1981-McNeese State (Southland)

9/5vs.Southern Illinois (7-4)W2712
9/12@Ball State (4-7)L2124
9/19@Nicholls State (non-IA)W599
10/3vs.West Texas A&M (7-4)L2431
10/10@Northwestern State (non-IA)W4221
10/17vs.Louisiana-Monroe (5-6)W4125
10/24vs.*Arkansas State (6-5)W217
10/31@*Lamar (4-6-1)T2020
11/7vs.*Louisiana Tech (4-6-1)W2720
11/14@*Texas-Arlington (6-5)L2021
11/21@*Louisiana (1-9-1)W147



1980-McNeese State (Southland)

9/6@West Texas A&M (5-6)W2017
9/13@Toledo (4-7)W2017
9/20vs.Nicholls State (non-IA)W210
9/27vs.Northwestern State (non-IA)L1013
10/4vs.Ball State (6-5)W247
10/11@Louisiana-Monroe (7-4)W4828
10/25@*Arkansas State (2-9)W3628
11/1vs.*Texas-Arlington (3-8)W3117
11/8@*Louisiana Tech (5-6)W458
11/15vs.*Lamar (3-8)W353
11/22vs.*Louisiana (7-4)W140
12/13vs.Southern Mississippi (9-3)L1416@ Shreveport, LAIndependence Bowl



1979-McNeese State (Southland)

9/1@Tulsa (6-5)W63
9/8vs.Southeastern Louisiana (non-IA)W103
9/15vs.West Texas A&M (5-5-1)W210
9/22vs.Louisiana-Monroe (3-8)W1210
10/6@*Texas-Arlington (9-2)W1413
10/13@*Lamar (6-3-2)W3425
10/20vs.*Arkansas State (4-7)W107
10/27@Tennessee-Chattanooga (9-2)W2417
11/3vs.Northwestern State (3-6)W4413
11/10vs.*Louisiana Tech (2-9)W417
11/17@*Louisiana (4-7)W106
12/15vs.Syracuse (7-5)L731@ Shreveport, LAIndependence Bowl



1978-McNeese State (Southland)

9/9vs.Fresno State (3-8)W2116
9/16@West Texas A&M (3-8)W4513
9/23@Northwestern State (5-6)L710
9/30@*Louisiana Tech (6-5)L2034
10/7vs.Nicholls State (non-IA)W3510
10/14vs.Louisiana-Monroe (6-4-1)W3110
10/21@*Arkansas State (7-4)L36
10/28vs.Tennessee-Chattanooga (7-3-1)W2824
11/11@*Lamar (2-8-1)W2423
11/18vs.*Texas-Arlington (5-6)L1720
11/25vs.*Louisiana (3-8)W4418



1977-McNeese State (Southland)

9/10vs.Indiana State (3-7)W257
9/17vs.West Texas A&M (6-4-1)W208
9/24@Eastern Michigan (8-3)L79
10/1vs.*Louisiana Tech (9-1-2)L714
10/8@*Texas-Arlington (5-6)L724
10/15@Louisiana-Monroe (2-9)W297
10/22vs.*Arkansas State (7-4)W1714
10/29vs.Nicholls State (non-IA)L724
11/5@Northwestern State (6-5)W147
11/12vs.*Lamar (2-9)L735
11/19@*Louisiana (6-4-2)T99



1976-McNeese State (Southland)

9/11vs.Southern Illinois (7-4)W3810
9/18@*Louisiana Tech (6-5)W1513
9/25vs.Eastern Michigan (2-9)W2310
10/2vs.Marshall (4-7)W349
10/9@Louisiana-Monroe (2-9)W3635
10/16vs.*Texas-Arlington (5-6)L1027
10/23@*Arkansas State (5-6)W2421
10/30@West Texas A&M (4-5-2)L2530
11/6vs.Northwestern State (5-5)W2415
11/13@*Lamar (2-9)W270
11/20vs.*Louisiana (9-2)W2019
12/13vs.Tulsa (7-4-1)W2016@ Shreveport, LAIndependence Bowl



1975-McNeese State (Southland)

9/13vs.*Louisiana Tech (8-2)L1421
9/20vs.*Arkansas State (11-0)L724
9/27@Eastern Michigan (4-6)L620
10/4@Marshall (2-9)W333
10/11@*Texas-Arlington (4-7)W2824
10/18vs.Louisiana-Monroe (4-6-1)W1514
10/25vs.Dayton (5-6)L1217
11/1@Northwestern State (non-IA)W3114
11/15vs.West Texas A&M (5-6)W3933
11/22@*Louisiana (6-5)W3321
11/29vs.*Lamar (1-10)W2010