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Listed below are historical scores for Knox.
This file was last updated on Thursday, April 1, 2021.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

1905-Knox (Independent)

9/23vs.Peoria Socials A.C. (non-IA)W110
9/30@Illinois (5-4)L06
10/7vs.Illinois Wesleyan (non-IA)W470
10/14@Nebraska (9-2)L016
10/21vs.Moline A.C. (non-IA)W60
10/28@Monmouth (non-IA)L612
11/4vs.North Central (non-IA)T00
11/11@Wabash (4-5)L057
11/18vs.Lake Forest (non-IA)W105
11/24@Beloit (3-6-1)L542
11/30@Washington (Missouri) (6-3-1)L617



1904 - not rated

1903-Knox (Independent)

9/19vs.Central Academy (non-IA)W170
10/3@Illinois (8-6)L529
10/10@American Osteopath (non-IA)L017
10/17vs.Physicians & Surgeons (non-IA)W200
10/24@Wisconsin (6-3-1)L654
10/31vs.DePauw (non-IA)W100
11/3@Lombard (5-3)L06
11/7@Nebraska (11-0)L533
11/14vs.Illinois College (non-IA)L529
11/18@Monmouth (non-IA)L011
11/26vs.Beloit (3-7)W230@ Rockford, IL



1902-Knox (Independent)

9/20vs.Rock Island A.C. (non-IA)W460
9/27vs.Upper Iowa (non-IA)W450
10/4@Chicago (14-1)L05
10/11@Quincy A.C. (non-IA)W100
10/17vs.Eureka (non-IA)W180
10/25@Northwestern (6-6)W150
10/29vs.Kansas (6-4)W50
11/8vs.Notre Dame (6-2-1)W125@ Rock Island, IL
11/15@Nebraska (10-0)L07
11/21vs.Lombard (non-IA)W170
11/27vs.Chicago Dental (non-IA)W685



1901 - not rated

1900-Knox (Independent)

9/22vs.Carthage (non-IA)W340
9/29@Chicago (9-5-1)L016
10/13@Illinois (7-3-2)L016
10/20vs.Monmouth (non-IA)W230
10/27vs.Illinois Wesleyan (non-IA)W230
11/3@Northwestern (7-2-3)L511
11/9vs.Lombard (non-IA)W290
11/13@Princeton A.C. (non-IA)W180
11/17@Monmouth (non-IA)W116
11/29@Beloit (7-1-2)L043



1899-Knox (Independent)

9/23@Chicago (16-0-2)L040
9/30vs.Iowa Wesleyan (non-IA)W110
10/7vs.Illinois (3-5-1)L05
10/14vs.Grinnell (7-2-1)W65
10/28vs.Eureka (non-IA)W350
11/4@Washington (Missouri) (non-IA)L56
11/11@Eureka (non-IA)W340
11/18vs.Iowa (8-0-1)L035
11/30vs.Beloit (5-2-2)T66