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Listed below are historical scores for Illinois State.
This file was last updated on Monday, February 6, 2023.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

1985-Illinois State (MVC)

9/7vs.Western Illinois (non-IA)W186
9/14@Missouri State (non-IA)T1717
9/21vs.Wayne State (non-IA)W172
9/28vs.Central Florida (non-IA)W4821
10/5@*Southern Illinois (4-7)L021
10/12@Eastern Illinois (non-IA)L1421
10/19vs.*West Texas A&M (6-3-1)T2929
10/26@*Drake (4-7)W103
11/2vs.Northern Iowa (non-IA)L315
11/9vs.*Wichita State (3-8)W260
11/16vs.*Indiana State (4-6)W2421



1984-Illinois State (MVC)

9/1vs.Lincoln (non-IA)W540
9/8vs.*Southern Illinois (3-8)W357
9/15@Western Michigan (5-6)L1441
9/22@*Indiana State (9-3)L719
9/29vs.*Drake (4-7)W280
10/6@Eastern Illinois (non-IA)W3421
10/20@Central Florida (non-IA)L2428
10/27@Western Illinois (non-IA)L1428
11/3vs.*Tulsa (6-5)L728
11/10vs.Marshall (non-IA)L310
11/17@*Wichita State (2-9)W170



1983-Illinois State (MVC)

9/3vs.Eastern Illinois (non-IA)L738
9/10@Marshall (non-IA)W273
9/17vs.Western Michigan (6-5)L1314
9/24@*Drake (1-10)W3617
10/1vs.*Indiana State (9-4)W3720
10/8@*West Texas A&M (0-10-1)T2424
10/15@*Tulsa (8-3)L2539
10/22@Nicholls State (non-IA)W3429
10/29vs.Western Illinois (non-IA)W457
11/5@*Southern Illinois (13-1)L2628
11/12vs.Missouri State (non-IA)W347



1982-Illinois State (MVC)

9/4@Eastern Illinois (non-IA)L1427
9/11vs.*Southern Illinois (6-5)L016
9/18vs.Western Illinois (non-IA)L1329
9/25vs.Wayne State (non-IA)W250
10/2@*New Mexico State (3-8)L1726
10/9vs.*Wichita State (8-3)L1448
10/23@East Carolina (7-4)L021
10/30@*Indiana State (5-6)L724
11/6vs.Moorhead State (non-IA)W3128
11/13vs.*Drake (4-7)L3542
11/20@Ball State (5-6)L1752



1981-Illinois State (MVC)

9/5vs.Western Illinois (non-IA)W317
9/19vs.Eastern Michigan (0-11)W287
9/26@Northern Illinois (3-8)L740
10/3@*Southern Illinois (7-4)L314
10/10vs.Eastern Illinois (non-IA)W253
10/17vs.*New Mexico State (3-8)L1020
10/24@*Indiana State (5-5-1)L1434
10/31@*Wichita State (4-6-1)L738
11/14vs.*Drake (10-1)L1013
11/21vs.Ball State (4-7)L1014



1980-Illinois State (Independent)

9/6vs.Nicholls State (non-IA)W2813
9/13vs.Western Michigan (7-4)L1731
9/20@Central Michigan (9-2)L016
9/27vs.Southeastern Louisiana (non-IA)L2128
10/4@Eastern Illinois (non-IA)L1431
10/11@Northern Illinois (7-4)W2818
10/18vs.Southern Illinois (3-8)L042
10/25vs.Indiana State (6-5)W90
11/1@Western Illinois (non-IA)L027
11/8@Eastern Michigan (1-9)W157
11/15@Tennessee-Chattanooga (8-3)L1927



1979-Illinois State (Independent)

9/8@Youngstown State (non-IA)L2733
9/15vs.Fort Hays State (non-IA)W357
9/22vs.Eastern Michigan (2-8-1)W2415
9/29@North Dakota (non-IA)L020
10/6@Southern Illinois (8-3)L07
10/13@Ball State (6-5)L1442
10/20vs.Northern Illinois (5-5-1)L733
10/27@Indiana State (8-3)L2123
11/3vs.Western Illinois (non-IA)W357
11/10vs.Eastern Illinois (non-IA)L024
11/17vs.Tennessee-Chattanooga (9-2)L3142



1978-Illinois State (Independent)

9/9@Western Michigan (7-4)L1727
9/16vs.Western Kentucky (non-IA)L628
9/23@Kent State (4-7)L334
9/30@Northern Illinois (5-6)L2149
10/7vs.Southern Illinois (7-4)L026
10/14@Central Michigan (9-2)L745
10/21vs.Ball State (10-1)L714
10/28@Western Illinois (non-IA)L2026
11/4@Eastern Illinois (non-IA)L742
11/11vs.Indiana State (3-8)W2714
11/18vs.Eastern Michigan (3-7)W1413



1977-Illinois State (Independent)

9/3vs.Eastern Illinois (non-IA)W200
9/10@Kent State (6-5)L1433
9/17vs.Central Michigan (10-1)L728
9/24vs.Louisiana Tech (9-1-2)T2121
10/1vs.Northern Illinois (3-8)W167
10/8@Ball State (9-2)L1627
10/15@Tennessee-Chattanooga (9-1-1)L2831
10/22@Indiana State (3-7)L1020
10/29vs.Western Illinois (non-IA)W177
11/5@Southern Illinois (3-8)L1723
11/12@Eastern Michigan (8-3)L2841



1976-Illinois State (Independent)

9/11vs.Tennessee-Chattanooga (6-4-1)L024
9/18vs.Marshall (4-7)L1323
9/25@Villanova (6-4-1)W1917
10/2@Central Michigan (7-4)L726
10/9vs.Ball State (8-3)W107
10/16@Northern Illinois (1-10)L37
10/23vs.Indiana State (3-7)W2414
10/30@Western Illinois (non-IA)L1424
11/6@Southern Illinois (7-4)L317
11/13vs.Eastern Michigan (2-9)W146
11/20@Eastern Illinois (non-IA)W138



1975-Illinois State (Independent)

9/13vs.Western Illinois (non-IA)L717
9/20@Western Kentucky (non-IA)L1424
9/27@Marshall (2-9)L336
10/4vs.Central Michigan (8-2-1)L742
10/11vs.Southern Illinois (1-9-1)T1717
10/25@Indiana State (5-5)L1342
11/1vs.Northern Illinois (3-8)W2710
11/8@Eastern Michigan (4-6)L1451
11/15@Ball State (9-2)L746
11/22@Eastern Illinois (non-IA)W3113