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Listed below are historical scores for Erskine.
This file was last updated on Thursday, April 1, 2021.
Conference affiliation is in parenthesis. Conference games are prefixed with an asterisk.


  green - verified (see notes file)
  yellow - verified, but disputed; probably correct
  red - not yet verified
  white - opponents, results, and scores, mostly correct, but not yet verified

1936-Erskine (Independent)

9/19@South Carolina (5-7)L038
9/26vs.Citadel (4-6)L613
10/9vs.Presbyterian (3-6)L014
10/16vs.Lenoir-Rhyne (non-IA)W120
10/24@Wofford (1-7-1)W260
10/30@Stetson (non-IA)W130
11/6@Oglethorpe (non-IA)L618
11/13@Wake Forest (5-4)L619
11/21@Newberry (non-IA)W126



1925-1935 - not rated

1924-Erskine (Independent)

9/27@South Carolina (7-3)L047
10/11@Newberry (8-2)L014
10/25@Wofford (3-7)L03
11/1vs.Parris Island Marines (non-IA)L67
11/8vs.Presbyterian (1-6-1)L07
11/22vs.Citadel (6-4)L07
11/27vs.Lenoir-Rhyne (non-IA)L012



1923 - not rated

1922-Erskine (Independent)

9/29@South Carolina (5-4)L013
10/13vs.Wofford (2-7)L05
10/21vs.Presbyterian (6-2-1)L019
10/28vs.Elon (non-IA)L923
11/4@Furman (8-3)L667
11/11@Newberry (2-5)L036
11/18@Clemson (5-4)L052
12/2vs.Citadel (3-5)L028



1921-Erskine (Independent)

9/24@Furman (7-2-1)L742
10/1@South Carolina (5-1-2)L713
10/14vs.Charleston (non-IA)W740
10/22vs.Citadel (3-3-2)W136
10/29@Presbyterian (1-7)W197
11/3@Wofford (2-7)W196
11/12vs.Newberry (3-3-1)W1813
11/18@Clemson (1-6-2)W130



1920 - not rated

1919-Erskine (Independent)

9/27@Clemson (6-2-2)L053
10/4@South Carolina (1-7-1)L06
10/11@Newberry (1-4-2)W60
10/18vs.Newberry (1-4-2)W440
10/25@Presbyterian (4-3-2)L733
11/1@Wofford (3-2-1)L019
11/15@Furman (6-2-1)L041